The Writer’s Conceit

Dr. Cruz mentioned earlier that, for a writer to be able to produce something, he or she would have to be totally convinced that...  he or she writes better than everyone else.  It is the conceit that writers have to live with, else they wouldn't be authors, but simply readers. It's something to think about, … Continue reading The Writer’s Conceit

The Economics of Words

So, after days of dithering on the matter, I've decided to go with Ambeth Ocampo as the writer I'll send a letter to Ambeth Ocampo.  I haven't written a sem-formal letter for a long time though, so I'm not sure how it will turn out, and given my bad habit of condensing things to a bare minimum, I'm … Continue reading The Economics of Words

Wanderings, Too

With most of my morning work done, I stood up from my station, and as per habit, I headed rode the elevator down fifteen floors, before strolling down the RCBC Plaza lobby and heading out the Buendia entrance for another of my lunchtime meanderings.  Where did my wanderings take me this time?  Well, my soles … Continue reading Wanderings, Too

Authorial Impasse

For something supposedly so simple, the assignment Dr. (Isagani) Cruz foisted upon the class is turning out to be needlessly complicated.  Writing to an author shouldn't be too hard, right?  Well, finding the names of certain Filipino authors isn't hard.  What is?  Finding their contact details, specificially their emails.  Of the known Filipino authors I … Continue reading Authorial Impasse