I’m Tickled Pink…

February 4, 2009

One of the guiltiest pleasures I’ve found while playing Fallout 3 (aside from wandering the shattered remains of  post-Apocalyptic Washington DC battling raiders and Super Mutants, of course) is the fact that, after completing a quest chain of sorts, you can listen to a radio station that just so happens to belt out tunes from the 50’s and 60’s (after all, the world of Fallout is a future that still retains the sensibilities of those times)  … Classics such as:

Roy Brown’s Mighty Mighty Man

Let’s Go Sunning

and Bob Crosby’s Way Back Home


Although the song selection is limited (most of them, with the possible exception of I Don’t Want to Set the World On Fire by the Inkspots, are Public Doman property), I’ve found the songs that were included in the game charming, in an odd nostalgic way (which is strange, since I wasn’t even born when these first hit the US airwaves).   It’s a striking contrast to the songs playing these days, frankly, and tells much of the mindset of the people during those times.

It made me wonder whether my father was familiar with the songs, and when he came home last December, I took the chance to ask him.  The answer?  Apparently he wasn’t, but then again it would be too much to expect, as at the time Ormoc was as backwater as it could get, and as the eldest child and therefore breadwinner of the family, he wouldn’t have had time to listen to the radio anyway.