Hodie, dies meus Vita-Donum

Well, here I am, a year older yet always feeling none the wiser, despite all the events that had transpired during the previous year.  I'm pretty much well past being a Christmas Cake at this point, but that doesn't bother me as much as the fact that, with me being out of work again, I've … Continue reading Hodie, dies meus Vita-Donum


Watching it and Living it

It's been nearly a week since I left work for what technically should be the last day of work, and while I found the little send off luncheon the rest of the team gave me touching, there's just this small part of me that hasn't come to terms with the fact that, well, I'm no … Continue reading Watching it and Living it

Ragnarok and Gateway Drugs

I find it incredibly ironic that, despite not actually wanting to have anything to do with online gaming, I started playing online games anyway, particularly MMORPGs in particular.  Perrenial favorites are the casual-friendly Guild Wars and the not-so grindworthy World of Warcraft, but I have to say, I still enjoy logging back into Ragnarok Online. … Continue reading Ragnarok and Gateway Drugs

Anxieties and Morning Walks

Maybe it was due to a confluence of good conditions, but I was able to wake up early enough yesterday to take a jog.  Of course, I followed the route I normally took, which was a straight run from EDSA straight to SM Mall of Asia, around its perimeter, behind the block of office buildings … Continue reading Anxieties and Morning Walks