Anxieties and Morning Walks

Maybe it was due to a confluence of good conditions, but I was able to wake up early enough yesterday to take a jog.  Of course, I followed the route I normally took, which was a straight run from EDSA straight to SM Mall of Asia, around its perimeter, behind the block of office buildings where Teletech was based, and back home.  It was more or less a 4-kilometer trek, but it was nothing I haven’t experienced before, right?

With my iPOD Classic tucked underneath my windbreaker, I set out, and it became immediately apparent how out of shape I was.  While I wasn’t out of breath, my legs, in particular the areas around my ankles, were aching terribly by the time Hatsune Miku’s Like A Rolling Star ended (yes, I use VOCALOID music to keep pace).  I forced down to a brisk walk just two intersections from the SAVERS minimall, and stayed that way for the duration of the second song on my iPOD’s album track (Miku and Megurine Luka’s Magnet).

That was disappointing to say the least, as normally I didn’t slow down at all until I hit Roxas Boulevard, and at my peak I only actually stopped at the front of the Mall of Asia.  How the mighty have fallen.

Given my physical condition, I was forced to alternate my pacing, jogging during one song, then briskly walking on the next, just to keep the ache in my joints bearable.  It worked, but I wasn’t able to enjoy the songs on my playlist as much as I’d liked (which is kind of sad, as I always looked forward to MELT and World Is Mine, and I wasn’t able to get as much exercise too.

I went home a little despondent, and aching in places that shouldn’t had, but I took comfort in the fact that I was able to get some exercise.  Which is more than what I could say for my sister, who was accumulating flab as fast as I was accumulating bad QC scores at work; at least I put some effort into it, uphill climb it might be to get back into shape.

I checked my PC as soon as I was able to take a bath and get changed into something less sweaty, and checked the torrents I was running on my uTorrent client.  Surprise surprise, the iSO for Odin Sphere, which I had been looking forward to for a long time, was finished, though the Blu-Ray rip of Rebuild of EVA ver 1.11 still was a day or so off.  I started PowerISO, took out one of the blank DVDs I had, and readied it to accept Odin Sphere.

And to think it was going so well… For some reason, my PS2 wasn’t accepting the burned copy of Odin Sphere.  Which is odd, since it was able to play a burned copy of Original Generations before.  I tried another copy, but with the same result, but instead of being frustrated, I decided to take another tack; I downloaded another version of Odin Sphere, NTSC this time instead of the PAL copy I had.  Let’s see how that’ll turn out.

Since the Odin Sphere download-burn-play plan didn’t exactly go through as expected, I had to do something else to take my mind off the fact that, well, I was in trouble at work.  Kind of hard to enjoy what was left of my weekend with the spectre of a performance downgrade looming over me, but I was determined to get as much relaxation as possible, even if it meant sleeping away the rest of the day (with some Ragnarok Online on the side — the daily Alberta Cargo Delivery quest is a must for a casual player like myself), but thankfully it didn’t have to come to that.

Why?  Well, my order from Amazon apparently came in.  A little snafu with the customs aside, I really looked forward to the package, which included Dan Abnett’s Titanicus, McNiel’s Mechanicus, and Mitchell’s Cain’s Last Stand.  The previous two titles are supposed to tie together despite a ten-millenia gap between the stories, but I’m leaving those for later, and decided instead to start on the Good Commissar Ciaphas Cain’s latest misadventures.  Given my state of mind, I figured that Mitchell’s easy to digest prose and black humor was just what I needed.


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