Hodie, dies meus Vita-Donum

Well, here I am, a year older yet always feeling none the wiser, despite all the events that had transpired during the previous year.  I’m pretty much well past being a Christmas Cake at this point, but that doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that, with me being out of work again, I’ve found that I’m right where I started — wondering where exactly I want to go with my life.  It’s the type of existential musing that I’d rather not have, as it inevitably leaves me depressed and a strange urge to console myself with a gallon of ube-manga ice cream (mmm).

I guess I’ll just make the best of the day, like I’ve always done.  Despite the rain today, my sister and dad have managed to cook up some spaghetti (though as always, in quantities more than three people can consume in one sitting), and my sister’s boyfriend baked a cake, so it’s all good.  With the food part of the equation taken care of, I can just spend the rest of the afternoon snuggled in bed, my laptop running all those Studio Ghibli films I’ve archived over the past two years, but never gotten around to watching.  I think I’ll start with Kiki’s Delivery Service, and see where it goes from there.

Ah, watching Miyazaki movies…  A nice end to an otherwise normal, albeit rainy, birthday.


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