Rebuilding the Army: Tactical Squad Dvojka

Well, it's been a while since I actually posted anything Modeling-related, due to the fact that I spent most of the term worrying my mind out during my Postgraduate Degree studies, but hey better late than never.  I actually finished basecoating the squad two months ago, but I was only able to do the finishing … Continue reading Rebuilding the Army: Tactical Squad Dvojka

Paper: When,I,was,no,bigger,than,a,huge

Poem number 134, better known by its first line “When,I,was,no,bigger,than,a,huge” was published as part of Jose Garcia Villa’s second anthology of poems (titled simply as) Volume Two in 1949.  The unorthodox structure the poem shares with the rest of the entries in the collection, as well as the wide use of commas, mark Villa’s shift … Continue reading Paper: When,I,was,no,bigger,than,a,huge