It's funny how life works.  Not only is my cousin getting married in a few days, but my classes for the term are going to start this Saturday.  That pretty much means no more goofing off for a while, as I'll have to focus on my studies again.  Also, depending on whether or not one … Continue reading Countdown

Sunny Day, Sunday

The weather is lovely today, and despite the heat I'm tempted to go out this afternoon, instead of just staying home and indulging my insular hobbies.  Prince of Persia is showing in some of the cinemas over at Glorietta and Greenbelt, and while I haven't been paying attention to the critic reviews, I figure it's … Continue reading Sunny Day, Sunday


I have to say, I feel more than a little relieved that I've just paid off the charges on the three credit cards I use.  It's one of those major downsides to being a full-time student, in that there's no income to pay for all these bills, never mind credit card charges brought about by … Continue reading Burden-Free

Apocrypha in Progress, Part 3

As one might guess, I'm definitely making progress on the picture I drew just two days ago.  After playing around with the blending options available, I managed to finish shading Mayumi's eyes, skin, and hair, and while it's fairly obvious I need to work on my Airbrush and Wet Brush combination, I still think it … Continue reading Apocrypha in Progress, Part 3

Apocrypha in Progress part 2

Oh yes, I'm definitely making progress. I'm really happy at how user-friendly Picture Tool SAI is, as the picture above was base-colored after less than two hours worth of work, which is really something when compared to my previous experiences with Photoshop.  I'm fast approaching the trickier parts (for a layman I mean) of coloring, … Continue reading Apocrypha in Progress part 2

Uncharted Territory

My room is undergoing a partial fix today, with the old set of window screens taken off in preparation for both a newer set as well as the A/C for my room.  As much as I'd like for the work to go faster, it's likely that the air-conditioning unit won't be in place until at … Continue reading Uncharted Territory

Apocrypha in Progress

And no, I'm not talking about my other work in progress here on the blog. Along with writing, I used to do my share of drawing, or at the very least line-art.  Much like my writing though, my drawing output all but stopped when I started working full-time, and eventually became somewhat supplanted by painting … Continue reading Apocrypha in Progress

Just A Hint of Rain

We had a little bit of rain this morning, and while it wasn't much (and it didn't really do anything for the heat), it did reassure people like myself that Summer was on the wane, and that the start of the Rainy season here in the Philippines is just around the corner.  Sure we get … Continue reading Just A Hint of Rain

Essays: The Shield of Achilles

(Author's note: some of my less-than-stellar academic work, saved on this blog to give me something to laugh at in years to come) The Shield of Achilles was a poem written by W. H. Auden, first published in 1953, although it also shares this name with a book he had published in 1955.  The poem … Continue reading Essays: The Shield of Achilles