May 31, 2010

It’s funny how life works.  Not only is my cousin getting married in a few days, but my classes for the term are going to start this Saturday.  That pretty much means no more goofing off for a while, as I’ll have to focus on my studies again.  Also, depending on whether or not one of my work applications gets accepted, I’ll have to worry about a new job as well.  Hmm.

I guess that will have to mean I’m going to have to make the most of the vacation time I have left.  Ah, so many hobbies, so little time to devote to all of them.

Speaking of hobbies, I found it amusing that, in the course of trying to fill out the timeline of the Azure Blades, I’m having difficulty not adding over-the-top instances of bravado done by battle-brothers of the Chapter.  I chalk it up to the need of a writer to make their creations not only be unique, but generally interesting when compared to the exploits of, say, the Ultramarines (as listed in Codex: Space Marines) or the Blood Angels.  I mean, not everyone can be Marneus Calgar, or the Sanguinor, and I’m finding it very hard getting just the right balance of heroic without going unbelievably over-the-top (read: the Sanguinor versus Ka’Bandha).

I guess I’ll just have to muddle my way through, somehow.


Sunny Day, Sunday

May 30, 2010

The weather is lovely today, and despite the heat I’m tempted to go out this afternoon, instead of just staying home and indulging my insular hobbies.  Prince of Persia is showing in some of the cinemas over at Glorietta and Greenbelt, and while I haven’t been paying attention to the critic reviews, I figure it’s as good as an excuse as any to watch a movie.  Mmm, popcorn…

After that, I’ll probably spend the afternoon finishing that colored pic of Mayumi I’ve been working over during the past week.  I’m still not too confident about the shade and highlight I chose for her green dress, but I think I can manage something  presentable at least.

When that’s done, who knows?  Maybe I’ll just work on the Fast Attack choices of my Space Marine army, which had always been its major weakness.  I’ve got a pair of Land Speeder Typhoons still unassembled, so if I’m not too drained from coloring I could start on those.

Late to the Party

May 29, 2010

Well, today is supposed to be the start of another lazy weekend spent at home, but luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at it) I’ve got stuff to do.  Since my cousin is going to be married on the 3rd of June (wow, that’s one of those things that really hammers the point home that I’m both old AND still single), I’m going out this afternoon to buy gifts (nanay and tatay suggested household ware like plates and kitchen utensils) for the wedding.  Mmph, inasmuch as I’d like to give something both practical AND memorable, I’m constrained by my lack of budget.  Ah well.

On the hobby front, I have to say I wasn’t too happy with my coloring efforts last night.  Maybe it’s the choice of color palette for Mayumi’s green blouse, but I’m having more than a little trouble blending the colors I used.  I guess I need more practice, and an expert in dynamic lighting I am not.


May 28, 2010

I have to say, I feel more than a little relieved that I’ve just paid off the charges on the three credit cards I use.  It’s one of those major downsides to being a full-time student, in that there’s no income to pay for all these bills, never mind credit card charges brought about by a night’s worth of impulse-purchasing.  *sigh*  I’m going to have to thank my mother for bailing me out again this month, but I can’t rely on her kindness again for too long — which is why I’m hoping that one of those job applications I sent would go through.

I’ll just have to worry about the work schedule possibly conflicting with my class schedules AFTER I get hired.

Well that’s it for my financial issues.  On the hobby side, I hope to make progress on the pic I’ve been coloring on Paint Tool SAI for the past few days.  Today’s hurdle: clothing.  This is probably the part where my inexperience with colored artwork will be REALLY apparent, nevermind the fact that I just had to use green for Mayumi’s dress.

On an Evangelion-related tangent… After participating in a rather interesting  conversation over at Animesuki’s forums, I’m surprised at the mixed reception some posters had on the movie, and some of them had outright negative things to say about the movie series.

Had the majority of the English-speaking fandom turned  into very bitter and insular grognards while I was part of the corporate world?  I’m honestly surprised at just how much (in the positive direction it seems) my outlook had diverged with my contemporaries, at least when EVA and its derivatives are concerned.  I mean, isn’t a new perspective on a beloved franchise a good thing?

Then again, I’m not ‘hard-core’…

Apocrypha in Progress, Part 3

May 27, 2010

As one might guess, I’m definitely making progress on the picture I drew just two days ago.  After playing around with the blending options available, I managed to finish shading Mayumi’s eyes, skin, and hair, and while it’s fairly obvious I need to work on my Airbrush and Wet Brush combination, I still think it turned out fairly well.  Definitely beginner-level, but still nice enough to post on Pixiv.

Tomorrow however, comes the tricky part: the dress.  Let’s see if I can pull off another minor miracle, yes?

Apocrypha in Progress part 2

May 26, 2010

Oh yes, I’m definitely making progress.

I’m really happy at how user-friendly Picture Tool SAI is, as the picture above was base-colored after less than two hours worth of work, which is really something when compared to my previous experiences with Photoshop.  I’m fast approaching the trickier parts (for a layman I mean) of coloring, which is toning and effects.  And I never did read finish that tutorial on lighting effects…

Uncharted Territory

May 26, 2010

My room is undergoing a partial fix today, with the old set of window screens taken off in preparation for both a newer set as well as the A/C for my room.  As much as I’d like for the work to go faster, it’s likely that the air-conditioning unit won’t be in place until at least the end of the week.  I do hope that the screens get finished before the day ends though as a lack of screens would mean that I’d have to close the windows to my room to prevent flies, mosquitoes, and the odd bat from getting into my room… Which would make it unbearably hot.  Eargh.

Still, it’s not yet so bad as of yet.  Although it’s just past lunch time, there’s a steady breeze blowing, and it offsets the heat somewhat, which means it’s just on this side of bearable.  Well, it’s outside of my control, so I better make the most of the situation, and get use out of my PC before it overheats.

Due to my current financial situation, I wasn’t able to pre-order the DVD for the second movie of Rebuild of Evangelion (ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版: 破), so as usual I’m forced to resort to extra-legal means to watch it — the screenshots I took (via FRAPS) are from the download I partook in.  I feel guilty as heck, but at least I can make up for it later (I finally have some nice leads on work) buying those Blu-Rays once I get a steady salary again.

What can I say?  I enjoyed the movie very much, and it’s not due to the fact that it’s a DVD-rip instead of a cam-rip this time around.  Then again I think I’m an anomaly amongst many of the old so-called fans of the Evangelion franchise, who dislike the movies with a passion.  What a bunch of bitter old grognards many of my fellows have turned into, after a decade.  It’s kind of sad, but I suppose I’m not ‘hard-core’ anymore (the fact that I can’t even join EVAGeeks is a testament to my lack of EVA-cred) .

My complaints with my fellow EVA-fans aside, I’m looking forward to where the movies are all headed.  It’s going to be exciting, to say the least, as the story is already heading into unknown territory.  No more comparing to the original TV series from this point on, folks!

Hmmm, now what to do after the movie?  I guess I’ll just continue with tinkering with Paint Tool SAI.  Lets see if I’ll be able to color that pic with it…