Apocrypha in Progress

And no, I'm not talking about my other work in progress here on the blog. Along with writing, I used to do my share of drawing, or at the very least line-art.  Much like my writing though, my drawing output all but stopped when I started working full-time, and eventually became somewhat supplanted by painting … Continue reading Apocrypha in Progress

Just A Hint of Rain

We had a little bit of rain this morning, and while it wasn't much (and it didn't really do anything for the heat), it did reassure people like myself that Summer was on the wane, and that the start of the Rainy season here in the Philippines is just around the corner.  Sure we get … Continue reading Just A Hint of Rain

Essays: The Shield of Achilles

(Author's note: some of my less-than-stellar academic work, saved on this blog to give me something to laugh at in years to come) The Shield of Achilles was a poem written by W. H. Auden, first published in 1953, although it also shares this name with a book he had published in 1955.  The poem … Continue reading Essays: The Shield of Achilles

Idle Afternoons

I was supposed to post something vaguely related to my hobbies, but something came up -- specifically, I had to bring my cousin's luggage over to the hotel she, her mom, and her daughter were staying at.  Funny how life works, ne?  Anyway it's late in the afternoon, and after all that running around (and … Continue reading Idle Afternoons

Slice of Life: Examined, Part 2

Well, I did say that I'd have a lot to think about. Continuing on from my previous post about the topic, the Slice-of-Life genre, at least in anime, has its share of shortcomings that, and unlike what a certain Canadian friend of mine would like to think, are fairly obvious.  I've already talked about three … Continue reading Slice of Life: Examined, Part 2

Temperance and Zeal

I loved Dawn of War 2, and I admit to having played through both the game and its expansion Chaos Rising.  Okay, so it was on an offline Games for Windows Live account, but that didn't detract from the experience.  The game, while not perfect, was worth every dollar I paid for it, though there … Continue reading Temperance and Zeal

Slice of Life: Examined

This post comes as a result of another conversation I had with a familiar acquaintance.  This time around, the topic swung to the so-called Slice of Life genre of animation.  Okay, it didn't begin there (rather it started with a surprisingly excited misreading of a previous post), but eventually it ended with Slice-of-Life, or rather, … Continue reading Slice of Life: Examined