Burning Wreck

On a less movie-related matter, I just received a text message that pretty much spelled it out to me that I didn't get the part-time job I applied for yesterday. I'm both relieved and disappointed; relieved in part because, from what I've gathered at the actual application, the account being handled is rather complex and … Continue reading Burning Wreck

Contemplating Mortality

I just finished watching Yōjirō Takita's Departures this morning, but I'm still trying to digest what I've learned from the movie in preparation for writing the review I'm required to submit this Saturday.  Even for someone who isn't as versed in the techniques, and the language of cinema, there's a lot to write about the … Continue reading Contemplating Mortality

Not Expecting Much

I just got back from another interview for another part-time position in yet another BPO-focused company.  This one went relatively better than the one that preceded it, but as with all things it's far too early to get excited about this.  There's still the so-called operations interview later this evening, and who knows how that … Continue reading Not Expecting Much

Out of My System

I suppose the fact that I'm not feeling as annoyed now compared to yesterday evening means that all that frustration (at not getting the part-time job I wanted) has passed out of my system.  On the down side, due to the fact that I had to turn to video games to exorcise the aforementioned frustration, … Continue reading Out of My System

Not Surprised At All

I kind of expected it.  The job interview I went to early this afternoon, though it started pretty well, crash and burned during the final interview the moment the schedule came into the conversation.  And it was supposed to be a part-time thing too; just what is it with these companies and weekend day schedules … Continue reading Not Surprised At All

Back to Scratch

It's been a terribly unproductive weekend for me, as the only noteworthy thing I was able to accomplish today was... gain back some of the in-game Achievements I lost when I started playing in the North American server of Starcraft 2. Yeah, it's pathetic, but it only shows just how much I need to set … Continue reading Back to Scratch