Setting Objectives

September 1, 2010

Aside from the pile of books that I had built up over the last three months that are still waiting to be read, I also have a substantial modeling backlog as well (although not as substantial as that of my friend Douglass Week’s set, ahaha), and unlike the books these models are almost (but not quite) complete already.  Most of them are already at the touch-up stage, and are just awaiting the application of highlights before I spray them with matte varnish.

Let’s see if I can reduce that amount of partly-finished models before final enrollment for classes rolls in.  I’ll have to start from the smallest to the (relatively) biggest model, so the 2nd Company Captain of the Azure Blades (counts in-game as Cato Sicarius) it is.  I’ll post pictures later if I’m actually able to finish it before the day ends.  It shouldn’t be TOO hard to focus on one model, providing I don’t get distracted by anything else though (*cough* Wings of Liberty *cough*).

Edit: Well, that wasn’t too hard.    Presenting the Captain of the Azure Blades 2nd Company, Janus Lawson.

Unlike Sicarius, Janus is nominally calm no matter how heavy the fighting gets, and never lets his emotions influence his tactical decisions.  While this makes him seem aloof to the men under his command, no one can contest the effectiveness of his battlefield strategies.  He is one of the newer generation of Azure Blades leaders who feel that the time is right to return to the traditional ways of warfare espoused by the Codex Astartes, but admits that the current stealth stratagems the Chapter uses still has its place.

Well that’s one unfinished model down.  What’s next?  I suppose I could do the typhoon, since I’ll need something to put into my Fast Attack slot…