Not Expecting Much

I just got back from another interview for another part-time position in yet another BPO-focused company.  This one went relatively better than the one that preceded it, but as with all things it’s far too early to get excited about this.  There’s still the so-called operations interview later this evening, and who knows how that will go?

Yeah, one can see that I’m just so confident after this one.  I guess after a string of disappointments (especially since I always seem to get shot down at the final interview, due to conflicts with my school schedule), it’s really hard to look at prospects like this with any kind of enthusiasm.  If I do get hired, then yay; if not, then it’s nothing I’ll lose sleep over.

Hmm, there’s more than four hours before my operations interview.  I suppose I can catch some sleep… Or play Starcraft 2, or Recettear.  Speaking of which, the sales numbers for the little game that could just came in, and to say that they’re good (especially when one considers the indie nature of the game) is an understatement.  Good job, Recette!


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