Rebuilding, Brick by Brick

I've think I've gotten used enough to my new work schedule that I can finally sit down and write again.  Okay, the pay is pretty low, but when you take into account the fact that I'm only working part-time there's not much to complain about.  At the very least the eight-hour night shift I had … Continue reading Rebuilding, Brick by Brick


I think it's a particularly telling sign of how bad my situation currently is, when even my nominally daily posting schedule here in my journal is disrupted.  And no question, it is really bad, though I admit to it being all my fault.  The eight hour-long training shifts did factor in somewhat, but in the … Continue reading Telling

Can (Not) Balance

While things are definitely looking up on the work-related side of my life--it's the final week of Operations Training before the team hits the floor, but barring any unforseen disaster this job is as good as in the bag--I can't really say the same of the part related to academics.  At this point I need … Continue reading Can (Not) Balance

Lets Get Serious

The first part of the job training program is supposed to end tonight, which means we're going to have an evaluation on just how much the training class as a whole has learned before proceeding to operations training. I'm not too worried about passing the evaluation at this point, as it's nothing I haven't experienced … Continue reading Lets Get Serious