Hurdle… Passed

I finally turned in the manuscript I had been editing for the last few weeks this afternoon, and boy it felt like a load had been taken off my shoulders. There's still the journal of course, as well as the rewrites that need to be done for Fiction Techniques, but I really do feel like … Continue reading Hurdle… Passed


Try as I might, I can't seem to summon the urge to finish my exegetic essay today, despite the fact that the final submission of the manuscript edit is less than two days away.  It might have something to do with the detour I had to do after work, but after that I was so … Continue reading Embers

Making Arrangements

The much-dreaded deadlines are quickly approaching, but for some reason I'm not worried.  At least not as worried as I'd normally be with such an important submission coming soon.  While not much, I already have an idea of what I want to write down on my exegetic essay, and I'll get on that as soon … Continue reading Making Arrangements

Once Again

I'm debating whether or not I should stay up late tonight and add more pages to my nascent exegetic essay on the manuscript I'm handling, or just go to sleep so I can wake up like a normal human being for a change.  I'm leaning towards sleep, and while the essay does take top priority … Continue reading Once Again

Slight Adjustments

My off days for this week have been changed temporarily because of the fact that, for some odd reason, the company had decided that it would be best if almost all of the part-timers were on the floor for Thanksgiving.  Yes, I don't quite understand why either, as in my experience Thanksgiving Day in the … Continue reading Slight Adjustments


I have to thank my friends Alain Gravel and Douglass Weeks for helping me out in one of my projects by contributing some of their old compositions as 'dummy' articles.  It takes a load off my mind, really.  Now all I have to really worry about is the manuscript edit and the five-page exegetic that … Continue reading Relief