It’s All Been Said Before

As the title says, I'm not really sure if there's anything I can add that my cousin hasn't already said in her post, so I'll just go with the tried and trusted fallback of greeting everyone who's somehow managed to stumble unto this little online journal that we share a very happy (and hopeful) New … Continue reading It’s All Been Said Before

Biding Time

It's still several hours until the New Year, and I'm finding myself with nothing to do.  Ah, as my father likes to say, if you don't have something to keep yourself busy with, find something to keep yourself busy with. And with the backlog I've accumulated over the past three months, hobby-wise, that's easy. So … Continue reading Biding Time

Something of My Own

Since my cousin has obviously gotten into the groove of journal writing, I figure I could just leave the blog to her and drop by every so often to post my thoughts on my rather odd (for your average white-collar city dweller that is) and expensive hobbies (lets face it, computer gaming and Warhammer are … Continue reading Something of My Own

Raining Away the Old

It's been raining since I got home from work, and while it isn't exactly what might call a steady downpour, it was enough to coat many of the surfaces outside, from the sidewalks and walkways to the roofs of the houses around the apartment in a layer of moisture. I makes me wonder if it'll … Continue reading Raining Away the Old

Rainy Days and Month’s End

I was finally able to view my final grades for the term, and I can't help but feel somewhat relieved that, against all reason, I seemed to have gotten a grade of 3.5 (for reference, the highest possible grade in DLSU is a 4.o) for both of my subjects this term. It seems incredible for … Continue reading Rainy Days and Month’s End

Of House Rules and Personal Foibles

Trust me, this is only because of the holidays, which pretty much means I have a lot of free that I normally wouldn't have... Which means I have actually have time to waste thinking of subjects related to my hobbies. This could range from the gamut, from books to anime to, not surprisingly, Warhammer 40000.  … Continue reading Of House Rules and Personal Foibles

Holidays On My Own

(Myssa's Note: This is the short vignette I wrote during Christmas Eve. Unlike the character here, I spent my Christmas eve with my father, sister, as well as cousin.) Something definitely felt missing. At least, that was what Samantha thought, after she tasted some of the spaghetti sauce she was preparing. More  sugar she supposed; … Continue reading Holidays On My Own

Not Exactly A Completionist

This afternoon, as soon as I got off work I turned my attention towards blitzing through the Fallout: New Vegas quests to see the endings, even if this meant leaving some of the settlement quests on the wayside.  So, after making sure to save at a point before events start to cascade irrevocably towards the … Continue reading Not Exactly A Completionist

Gamer’s Talk: Casual List Building

It would be extremely remiss of me to not post at least once a year about something, so I might as well do it about something I'm interested in. Like my cousin I share a love for the Warhammer 40000 universe, which by extension having a love of the tabletop wargame that it sprung from, … Continue reading Gamer’s Talk: Casual List Building