Given the Run Around

January 3, 2011

It wasn’t really the usual relaxing afternoon. Instead of taking a nap as soon as I got home from work, I had to rush to DLSU to have the class I have to take this term adjusted. On the plus side I won’t actually have to pay for the tuition until tomorrow, but on the downside my bank account is once again feeling excruciating amounts of pain.

Now it would have been nice if that was the only thing I was forced to do after work, but I also had to meet up with my cousins so we could find out what exactly happened to the tablet that was so nicely ‘gifted’ to me by an overseas acquaintance. Honestly it should have arrived before Christmas Eve, and we have yet to find a hint of it, so to prevent a return to sender we dropped by the local post office… only to find out that the people there had no clues to where it was either.

They did point us to a possible lead, so off we went to the Central Mail Exchange Center of the Philippine Postal Service. By Haruhi, was that place a pain to get to, as the jeepney only dropped us half-way, and we had to walk the rest of the way there. Sheesh. It was a good thing that my cousin had the presence of mind to bring the USPS tracking number of the parcel with him, or else I’d probably thrown an unlady-like tantrum then and there.  I still felt rather annoyed anyway, especially when we learned that the package had apparently arrived waaay back on the 15th of December.

That meant that the Post Office had pretty much sat on the package for more than two weeks. Epic facepalms were to be had between me and my relatives. After clearing things out with the Registered Mail office, we had to huff it back to the local post office so we can have the customs guy look through the inventory and confirm if the package was indeed there. I think we got there with barely ten minutes to spare, but since the post office was pretty much closing shop by that point I had to sign a few forms so my cousins could pick up the package for me tomorrow (since I’ll be at work). They’ll just drop it by my house in the afternoon.