Addendum: Librarium Painting Challenge Vow Complete!

  Let it not be said that I neglected the deadlines of some of the stuff I do.  I've been devoting those hours where I'd hit a wall during my draft rewrite to finishing my entry in the annual Bolter and Chainsword Librarium Painting Challenge, and somehow it turned out alright.  Much like everything else in … Continue reading Addendum: Librarium Painting Challenge Vow Complete!


My own afterword at the end of my rewritten first draft pretty much sums up the frustration and disappointment I felt over the course of its creation: This is pretty much a complete rewrite of the draft I initially submitted, and is literally the product of almost a week’s worth of long evenings.  I’m not … Continue reading Denouement

Status Report: March 29

Ah, so close to finishing the rewrite of the first draft.  I have to admit, this has certainly transformed into an altogether different beast than what it began as. I blame the Coke Zero, actually. Now to work on the other draft that needs to be redone. But after I finish my vow for the … Continue reading Status Report: March 29

Status Report: March 28

I went to sleep at around lunch fully intending to wake up at 3:30 in the afternoon to work on my rewrite. It's now around 9 in the evening. Well, now at least I won't have an excuse not to burn the midnight oil.  That's more than 8 hours worth of sleep, right there. Wonderful.

Status Report: March 26

What can I say?  I'm tired and making absolutely no headway.  I'm seriously thinking about just applying verbatim Kurt Vonnegut's rules to writing a story...  But that would require me being even passably competent as a writer.  As it is, I'm just sputtering along with the revision of my first draft. *sigh* That's it.  I'm … Continue reading Status Report: March 26

Status Report: March 25

Hmm.  I really wanted to go faster, but some progress is better than no progress at all.  Depending on how it goes for the rest of the evening, I might be able to start on the other draft tomorrow.  That's something to be happy for, I think. But, my, is the draft shorter this time … Continue reading Status Report: March 25