Getting On It

March 20, 2011

Time to make good on what I mentioned earlier, and work on my LPC (Librarium Painting Challenge) Vow for the year, so I won’t have to worry about it later and fully focus my attention on my Fiction Draft rewrites.  As of this writing, I’ve given most of the parts of the models that are supposed to be metallic a coat of Boltgun Metal, and have started working on the base colors, especially the parts that are supposed to be Red.  Given the assembly-line style painting I’m using, this is where I allow myself to be messy (and it’ll only get messier once I build up on the Red, specifically Blood Angels Red), since I’ll do some retouching later anyway.

I’ve done up the Sergeant and the Terminator equipped with the Cyclone Missile Launcher.  I might paint up one more Terminator, then it’s off to bed for the night, as I have work tomorrow.  Remember, starting tomorrow I’ll not only be handling Merchant calls, but Customer Service calls as well, which means twice the stress I usually get.  So I’ll need all of the sleep that I can get…

Speaking of stress, today’s shift brought it in spades.  It also did not help that the person who’s supposed to be helping me out in the shift was not only an hour late, but also left shift an hour early.  I’d have been pissed, if I hadn’t been exhausted as a result from the flood of calls I had to answer on my lonesome.  Where’s the solidarity, chief?

*sigh* Anyway, the word for the week is going to be: Pacing.  Most of my free time will have to be devoted to the rewrite, of course, but I’d like to leave maybe an hour for the models too.  Stupid deadlines…  At the very least there’s no rush to finish my Madoka fanart, although the issue with that is if one doesn’t post them quickly in the wake of an episode, one will soon be exposed to the fact that the idea you’ve thought of was also thought by scores of fellow watchers-come-fanartists.

Eh, that’s the way the world goes I suppose.