Gumming A Little At A Time

April 30, 2011

It’s been more than a day since my tooth extraction, and very little really had changed from my normal lazy weekend schedule.  One of those changes, of course, is the fact that I have a really hard time eating unless it’s soup or mostly-moistened up by soup.  Chewing is out of the question at this point, but I have been able to gum some bread this afternoon, but even then I have to make sure that the food stays in the left area of my mouth, as I found out the hard way that the right side is still very sensitive.  As things are going though I should be able to start eating stuff like dry rice or meat by tomorrow, though the restriction that the food has to be cold will stay for on until Monday.

The other change is the fact that I have to set my alarm so I’d wake up to drink my medicine on time.  It’s not really inconvenient, but the fact that I have to take a capsule every six hours means that at least one of those instances will be early in the morning (2:00 AM in fact).  The thing is, once I’ve woken up that early, I’ve found that I have a really hard time going back to bed.  Ah.

I suppose I could always just find ways to keep me occupied, until I get sleepy again.  Maybe do the partner piece to this?

I’m sure I’ll be able to figure something out by that time.


Wallowing in Discomfort

April 29, 2011

It wasn’t that bad.

I went to the dentist fully prepared to spend most of my day in pain.  Instead, aside from some numbness and the expected swelling, I’ve spent most of the day relatively pain-free.  Indeed the procedure to take out my lower right wisdom tooth went mostly without a hitch, barring the fact that my dentist had to practically break my molar into tiny chunks to even extract it of course.  After that, it was just a matter of suturing the wound left by the removed tooth, but as the anesthetic did its job very well, I felt nothing except the pressure of the tools for the entire operation.

I spent almost all of the operation with my eyes closed, if one is wondering.  I just felt that, given my wild imagination, I figured actually seeing what was going on would dampen the effect of the anesthetic.  Pain can also be imagined after all.  To keep my mind out of the fact that my dentist and his assistant were essentially poking around in my lower jaw with very sharp and very pointed instruments, I concentrated on listening to the music transmitted from the earphone I had in my left ear, which was connected to the iPod I had brought with me.  It was very nice way to keep my mind off the operation, to be sure.

For the curious, I was playing ARIA: The Box 3, which is a compilation of 15 tracks from the ARIA OST.  No wonder I was so relaxed for the duration.

With the operation over with, all I have to focus now is on the recovery.  Medication aside — 3 days worth of antibiotics to help with the swelling, which have to be taken in 6-hour intervals, as well as painkillers — I won’t be able to take any solid food until probably Monday, nor anything hot.  I‘m pretty much on a soup diet until the swelling (which has been minor, since I got a cold compress on my cheek as soon as I got home) goes down, but it’s not as bad as it sounds, and hilariously enough I’m actually allowed to eat ice cream!  Imagine that.

It’s going to be hard to imagine that, in a few months (depending on my funds), I’ll have to do this all over again for my other wisdom tooth.  Ah well, better take it out preemptively, rather than wait for it to get ruined by plaque and tartar (given its awkward position, it’s hard to brush it properly)…

Bah, nothing to do but just sit back and follow my doctor’s orders for about four days (my normal rest days plus the two days sick leave I reserved).  I guess I’ll kill the time doing fanwork, as usual, and possibly some anime watching or reading on the side.  Ahaha, never going to be works of art, my stuff, but a nice way to keep my mind off the discomfort.

Worth Many Words

April 28, 2011

The picture says it all.  I admit to not being satisfied at the background I eventually used, but I’m not sure I could have pulled off something more complicated than this.  Oh well.  It’s not a work of art, but I suppose it’s another finished fanwork for my (meager) Pixiv portfolio.

Eh, What?

April 27, 2011

Apparently I’m to be given a citation tomorrow.  I’m not sure what for, but that means I’m required to appear at the company gathering after my shift, and worse, I’m supposed to come in costume.  Apparently they have this Summer Luau theme going on, so anything appropriate for a bonfire-lit party will be fine.  *sigh* I’d rather spend the afternoon continuing my fanart project, but I suppose it’s something I could endure for now.  As if the sharp rise in humidity wasn’t bad enough during the afternoons…

Speaking of enduring something… Just two more days to go until I have one of my molars removed.  Can’t really say I’m going to look forward to it.  It’s a good thing though that I was able to secure two days of sick leave, on top of my usual rest days, which leaves me about three days to whine in bed recover from the operation.  Hopefully it’ll be enough.

Ah, better to find something to keep my mind of that.  I’m just making myself more anxious.

Another Slow Day

April 26, 2011

Hmm, I’m not sure if I have anything of note to share today.  I guess that’s partly because it’s a Tuesday, and as such it’s still a little too early in the week for anything of note to happen, and the fact that I never had anything planned for the day to begin with.

The heat did not help matters any.  Or rather, the humidity.  Summer seems to have taken a long time in coming, and we’re only experiencing the uncomfortable heat now, whereas last year it was already this muggy by the middle of March.  Funny how things worked out.  Anyway, since this means that we’ll be using the air-conditioners again, I expect our electricity bills to skyrocket. Oh joy.

Anyway, it’s already late in the evening, so I better turn in.  I’ll continue the Homura coloring tomorrow after I get off work.  This time for real. 

Negative Progress

April 25, 2011

As usual, although I spent most of my afternoon working on shading my latest fanart project, I don’t feel like I’ve made any real progress.  I guess it’s the best I could do though with my level of skill.  That said, I think I can get things finished before the end of the week.  

That’s just the major aspects though.  I really want to try some of the stuff I haven’t used before in Photoshop, that everyone else in Pixiv seem to be utilizing regularly (like Layer Slices for example), but since I’ll be mostly doing trial-and-error, who knows when I’ll complete this.  *groan*  And you wonder why I feel jealous at all the very pretty art I find on Pixiv…

Speaking of the end of the week, the minor surgery to take out my lower right molar is pretty much a go for this Friday.  I had a panoramic X-ray of my jaw in preparation, though I still can’t say I’m looking forward to it much.  There’s going to be some pain involved, and while our family dentist assured me that I’ll be numb for the duration, I can still imagine how painful the procedure would be.  Having a broad imagination can be a curse sometimes.

Oh, and one last thing… As expected, the finale to Madoka Magica has generated a lot of controversy. The dust hasn’t settled on that, that’s for sure.

Red Ring

April 24, 2011

It’s a minor miracle that I was able to get through today on just two hours of sleep (brought upon by yet another whole-night manga-reading splurge).  Despite the near-endless deluge of calls (it is a Sunday after all), I was actually nodding off at my console.  I think the only reason why I was able to get through the morning was the fact that I took two shots of espresso (thank God for conveniently-place coffee dispensers).  To say that it jolted me awake was an understatement; I only really started to get sleepy around four in the afternoon, and only because I’d been working on my fanart since I arrived home.

I know, I know, it’s unhealthy, which is why I’m turning in (relatively) early for the night, to forestall any possible sleep-debt I might accrue.  So aside from that, nothing special to share for tonight.