Gumming A Little At A Time

It's been more than a day since my tooth extraction, and very little really had changed from my normal lazy weekend schedule.  One of those changes, of course, is the fact that I have a really hard time eating unless it's soup or mostly-moistened up by soup.  Chewing is out of the question at this point, … Continue reading Gumming A Little At A Time

Wallowing in Discomfort

It wasn't that bad. I went to the dentist fully prepared to spend most of my day in pain.  Instead, aside from some numbness and the expected swelling, I've spent most of the day relatively pain-free.  Indeed the procedure to take out my lower right wisdom tooth went mostly without a hitch, barring the fact … Continue reading Wallowing in Discomfort

Worth Many Words

The picture says it all.  I admit to not being satisfied at the background I eventually used, but I'm not sure I could have pulled off something more complicated than this.  Oh well.  It's not a work of art, but I suppose it's another finished fanwork for my (meager) Pixiv portfolio.

Eh, What?

Apparently I'm to be given a citation tomorrow.  I'm not sure what for, but that means I'm required to appear at the company gathering after my shift, and worse, I'm supposed to come in costume.  Apparently they have this Summer Luau theme going on, so anything appropriate for a bonfire-lit party will be fine.  *sigh* … Continue reading Eh, What?

Another Slow Day

Hmm, I'm not sure if I have anything of note to share today.  I guess that's partly because it's a Tuesday, and as such it's still a little too early in the week for anything of note to happen, and the fact that I never had anything planned for the day to begin with. The … Continue reading Another Slow Day

Negative Progress

As usual, although I spent most of my afternoon working on shading my latest fanart project, I don't feel like I've made any real progress.  I guess it's the best I could do though with my level of skill.  That said, I think I can get things finished before the end of the week.   … Continue reading Negative Progress