Picking Up What Was Left Off

April 6, 2011

As of this post I have two other fanart projects still unfinished, both related to Madoka Magica.  Seeing as the summer season has given me time to actually give  my attention to them again, I figured that I’d start with the older drawing (done during the same week as Sayaka’s massive freakout) before I tackle the multi-character pic, which even now is looking like a monumental task for an amateur like me to do.  I expect to spend weeks on that one.

On a tangential note, my father and I had finally gotten around to buying a replacement Printer-Scanner-Photocopier, which means I can actually scan some of my doodles again if I want to.  Of course, I haven’t actually taken it out of its box yet, but I’ll just do that when I actually need to have something scanned.  With the aforementioned fanart backlog keeping me busy, that might not be a while, but who knows?  Inspiration might strike me any time.

Speaking of inspiration, a lot of people would not be surprised to learn that I was listening to my old Evangelion OSTs (particularly the songs from End of Evangelion, Steel Girlfriend, and 2nd Impression) when I was drawing that parody pic for Madoka Magica.  I needed to get into the mood, and I figured Komm Susser Todd would be appropriate (except of course, in this case people aren’t turned into Tang… Morning Rescue, however…) for something that, in essence, represented the doom of humanity.

Ah. Enough babbling, back to the aforementioned fanart.  Isn’t it just annoying that I just HAD to change my mind about the light source, which meant I had to reshade most of the pic again?

P.S. Speaking of fanart, the aforementioned EoE parody got uploaded by someone on Danbooru.  Heh, though I worry that, like the previous one, this will come down to the decision of one of that site’s rather fickle bunch of Mods.  Here’s to hoping it gets added though.