Wrapped And Done

April 9, 2011

This turned out much better than expected, but as 2DTeleidoscope mentioned it might have benefitted more with a darker color palette… Which is ironic, considering that I actually started with a dark palette, but the image still ended up this way because of me messing around (as usual) with the Photoshop filters (Lighten and Screen, I’m looking at you).  For all my posturing earlier, eventually settled on a somewhat simple background, as I wasn’t confident I would be able to pull off something complex without messing up.  What else is new in that aspect?

Would you believe that, while Oktavia exists pretty much as a foreboding shadow in the final piece, it was actually fully-colored and patterned in the PSD file?  Well, the gamut of colors I used made it feel out of place when compared to Sayaka’s relatively-simple color scheme of blues and whites.  It’ll never get a lot of favorites or bookmarks on Pixiv, or get posted on Danbooru, but I like how it turned out.

Anyway, that’s done with.  On to the next fanwork.

P.S. Well, obviously the second EoE parody pic I did was disapproved after 3 days.  Meh, I guess my style will never get any fans with the Danbooru mods.