April 11, 2011

That’s one way to describe my day, really.  The only event of note was the fact that our supervisor had our team (or rather, the people of our part-time batch present) have a short photo-shoot.  I suppose it’s to commemorate how nearly all of us have become regular employees of the company.  Aside from that, well, it’s been the same kind of day at work I’ve experienced ever since I hit the floors.

Nothing much happened when I got home either.  Instead of spending the afternoon working on my fanwork, I took a nap, then used up my hours awake finishing the Eldar campaign in Dawn of War 2: Retribution.  I have to say, Ronahn with the upgraded Pulse Strike, the right skill build, and equipment (the armor that gave perma-Infiltrate as well as the relic rifle with increased sight and range) was hilariously broken.  If not for the fact that Pathfinder rifles are weak against vehicles and heavy units like Bloodcrushers, I would have cleared the last few maps with just him.  It was fun.

Aside from that, it’s been another normal day for me.

Okay, I did have an idea for a short fiction bit, but I’m not sure about where to go with it.  It could be considered a bit of world-building but, we’ll see…  Also, I was tickled by the thought of translating my poor story draft into a short 4koma chapter, but I decided that it wouldn’t work out.  That would need a sense of humor that segued with everyone else, and not something one might expect from someone who watches SOL anime most of the time, ahaha.