April 18, 2011

I miss my old camera.  Sure it could only handle a 1 gig memory card, and lacked many of the features digital cameras these days come standard with (anti-shake and face tracking, for example), it still could take close-up shots of far better quality than the one I’m using right now.  Frankly the Fujifilm camera I’m using right now, given by my father as a replacement, sucks at taking ultra close-up shots of small items, with is exactly what I usually do with my Warhammer 40k models once I finished giving them a layer of matte varnish.  Not only that, but all of the pictures I take with the so-called newer camera (with higher resolution to boot), are all strangely low-quality (even when set at its best settings) when uploaded to my PC.  It’s a mystery.

When I reveled how much I did not enjoy his gift (which my sister would call me ungrateful for had she found out), and how I would have preferred my older camera despite the lack of advanced features, he offered to give me an even newer camera.  I haven’t accepted the offer yet, but since my old camera had been handed down to my cousin in the province for use without my consent, I might not have a choice in the matter.  *sigh*

On to an unrelated issue… I’ve decided to have one of my lower molars taken out.  My dentist told me that there’s going to be quite a bit of swelling after the procedure (it is a minor operation after all), so I’m going to reserve two or three days for recovery.  I mean, it’s not like I’d be able to properly answer calls with part of my lower jaw bloated up, right?  It’s going to be scheduled for next week, so hopefully I can set up things with my supervisor before then.

Yeah, I guess it was yet another normal day for yours truly.