Something to Lose Sleep Over

I’m staying up late. I think it’s fairly obvious why.

The End of Madoka Magica.  Let magical girl Armageddon commence.

It’s going to be a little hard looking for a stable stream though, since this is probably one of the most anticipated conclusions to a series in recent memory.  Heck, a full-page add was run on one of the most widely-circulated national newspapers in Japan just to remind people to stay up and watch.  I expect a lot of problems, and gnashing of teeth as streams peter out and die, and mad scrambles to look for alternatives.

I expect massive amounts of emotions, from both sides of the Pacific.  I expect Gen Urobuchi to give us one last troll too, just to mess with the fanbase and viewers. 

Still… I’m giddy.  I haven’t felt like this about a show’s finale for a long time.  More than a decade in fact.  Ah, the memories of the massive mindfuck that was the last two episodes of Evangelion…

Let’s see how SHAFT pulls things off, shall we? 


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