Agreeing To Disagree: Aftermath Of Madoka Magica

As expected, the reception to the finale of Madoka Magica has been mixed, to say the least.  While the majority of bloggers and watchers agree that it was a satisfying end to an otherwise bleak series, it wasn’t perfect (the flaws were very apparent, and it was something everyone agreed on), especially with all the expectations built up over the more-than one month-long broadcast delay.  Obviously those wild expectations would never be met, given how high many raised them up to be, and there are obviously those who are very disappointed with it (I’ll add links to the outliers later on to balance things out).  

Whether or not these flaws can just be conveniently ignored due to the precision of the finale’s execution, or serve as a severe detriment to enjoyment is up to the individual viewer of course.  It certainly gives a lot of things for the more OCD anime-watchers something to digest for the next few days though.

As for me?  Well, how about this to make my opinion clear on the matter?

Like most of my fanwork, that piece of lineart will likely grow more complicated than I initially planned over the course of the next few days.  But who cares?  This is a series, after all, that got me drawing again.


3 thoughts on “Agreeing To Disagree: Aftermath Of Madoka Magica

  1. If I were to be asked about the ending, I’d say… the pseudoscience is irrelevant, nor the plot, but how much heartstrings the story will pull from the viewer. The folks at Shaft can’t please everyone, and there’s always the fans and the haters.

    Ah well… the funny thing is that we’re almost living the atmosphere, the hype and the furor left by the aftermath made by Eva Episode 26 almost 16 years ago.

      1. I’m waiting until all the Blu-Rays are released, so I can buy them in one go. I really hope some US company licenses this, as that’ll make it EASIER to get my other relatives to watch.

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