Negative Progress

April 25, 2011

As usual, although I spent most of my afternoon working on shading my latest fanart project, I don’t feel like I’ve made any real progress.  I guess it’s the best I could do though with my level of skill.  That said, I think I can get things finished before the end of the week.  

That’s just the major aspects though.  I really want to try some of the stuff I haven’t used before in Photoshop, that everyone else in Pixiv seem to be utilizing regularly (like Layer Slices for example), but since I’ll be mostly doing trial-and-error, who knows when I’ll complete this.  *groan*  And you wonder why I feel jealous at all the very pretty art I find on Pixiv…

Speaking of the end of the week, the minor surgery to take out my lower right molar is pretty much a go for this Friday.  I had a panoramic X-ray of my jaw in preparation, though I still can’t say I’m looking forward to it much.  There’s going to be some pain involved, and while our family dentist assured me that I’ll be numb for the duration, I can still imagine how painful the procedure would be.  Having a broad imagination can be a curse sometimes.

Oh, and one last thing… As expected, the finale to Madoka Magica has generated a lot of controversy. The dust hasn’t settled on that, that’s for sure.