Foggy or Smoggy?

Although it wasn't very cloudy today, for most of the morning the city (or at least the part visible from our office) seemed to be coated in a layer of fog.  I'm sure that some it was the normal smog you'd expect from a city this size, but I think some of it was brought … Continue reading Foggy or Smoggy?


Echoing Spaces

It's that time of the month again. That time when the fridge seems to be, well, mostly empty.  Even the freezer, which normally would be filled with all sorts of frozen stuff was mostly bare.  Ugh.  I keep on forgetting that, without my father here, I'm supposed to contribute money to buy food.  The thing … Continue reading Echoing Spaces

Startling Lack of Energy

As the title of this journal entry says, I've been experiencing an unusual lack of energy since the start of this week.  While I'm sure that part of it was due to my bingeing on Guild Wars during the weekend -- for the curious, I went and earned the Canthan Skill Hunter, Survivor, Elonian Skill … Continue reading Startling Lack of Energy

Ponderous Points

There are just those days that are so mundane that, really, I have nothing of note to talk about.  Today is one of those.  Just your average, slow Sunday.  Well aside from the fact that one of my uncles, who's a seaman, is leaving tomorrow, so some of his barkada among the neighbors are throwing him … Continue reading Ponderous Points

Not Much Comfort

Much like yesterday, it's been raining for the good part of the day.  Although it wasn't as bad as yesterday, it was still enough for my professor to SMS everyone that we won't be having any class.  That was very sensible of him, though this means we'll likely have to play catch up with our … Continue reading Not Much Comfort

Heaven’s Curtain

It's really been pouring today.  The rain has literally not let up since I woke up this morning, and even when there's a brief pause it'll eventually start up again before long.  It pretty much stopped my plan to drop by the campus this afternoon and, with expected flooding of the neighborhood (the path leading out … Continue reading Heaven’s Curtain