Last Evening of Freedom for Three Months

June 3, 2011

Classes start again tomorrow morning, so that means that summer, at least for me, has truly come to an end.  As cliche as it might sound, time does pass one by when a person isn’t paying attention.  Had two hot, humid, and altogether uncomfortable months really passed by?  Wasn’t it just the end of Madoka Magica just a while ago?  Mmph.

While there are still going to be icky humid days to come, at least the rains will alleviate the discomfort the humidity brings, even for a little bit.  That said, too much rain can be bad, especially since the area where my office is located just happens to be flood-prone.  Not as bad as some places in Manila of course where one has to use boats after a brief downpour, but it’s still going to be an inconvenience.  Never mind the diseases that the floodwaters bring.

All this rain means we won’t have to use the air conditioning as much as the past two months, so that’ll help a bit with the electric bills, which by the way I had to pay this afternoon.  Let’s just say that, even with my sister footing half of the bill, I’m still left with barely enough money to pay for our phone bill.  After that, I have nothing left.  Literally.  Ugh, and it’s seven days until my next payday.  How will I live until that time, I wonder?  Maybe I can bring some of the bread my cousin buys during the mornings…

This is what happens when I get too used to having disposable income.  I really have to get used to living frugally.  I already mentioned that I literally don’t have anything left for my hobbies, but at the rate things are going, I might not even have money for my MRT fare.  It’s that bad.

On the plus side, maybe this will curb my propensity to eat even though I’m not hungry.  I’ve never really recovered from the binging I did during the end of last term (lots of stress plus food makes for a plumper me).  Ah, if I play things right, I might be back to my baseline weight by my birthday, ahaha.  Hey, a girl can dream right?

Anyway, back to tonight being the last ‘free’ day left to me before classes started again…  I figured that I’d just spend the day indulging my online gaming itch one more time.  Really, it was supposed to be a relaxing day in Tyria.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be, as today’s Zaishen Combat at the Jade Quarry turned into a frustrating slog, at least for the people on the Kurzick side.  It was ridiculous, as I spent more than four hours trying to win the minimum three matches required for the Zaishen Quest.  It seemed like the teams on the Luxon side were on fire; not only were they hyper-aggressive, they literally steamrolled through the teams I was part of.  It was embarrassing, and in a lot of those matches the lead was as much as 7 to 1, or with the Luxons capturing all the Jade points.

It was odd, since, as far as I could see, the builds of my teammates were all standard Jade Quarry builds… And yet we kept on getting steamrolled.  The Luxons kept on applying the pressure, and really it was a miracle of sorts that I managed to get that last win I needed.  No wonder I didn’t even bother letting my other characters take the quest, and I just spent the rest the afternoon after that watching the first Gintama movie.  Blah.

And now?  I’m just killing some more time before bed.  My class tomorrow starts at around eight, so I can’t really stay up long… Hmm.  Well, I have some unwatched anime, so I suppose I can take a look at some of those before I turn in.