Delays and Empty Pockets

June 9, 2011

It’s payday once again tomorrow, but I can’t feel happy about it.  For one, a good chunk of it will be given over for this month’s credit card bill (which was left over from the previous month).  For another, whatever is left over will likely be used to pay for the other bills coming later.  Okay, tatay is back from Negros, but one can’t be sure when he’s going fly back to the province to oversee the renovation/construction of the family house there.

Mmph.  It’s not an enjoyable feeling, having literally less than a hundred pesos’ worth of usable funds for a week.  That’s the main reason why I wasn’t able to drop by the campus to pick up (much less pay) for the readings for this week.  Oh well, I’m well used to cramming by this point, so more of the same for this term isn’t that bad.  I just hope that unexpected expenditures pop up because, really, it’s already hard enough to budget what’s left of my savings as it is.

As for non-financial issues… The rain that’s been pretty much pouring nonstop since yesterday morning finally let up.  That guarantees at least another cool night before the metropolis is exposed again to the left over summer humidity.  It’s not much, but even a single night not being forced to use my room’s A/C means a lot given the costs connected to using it.

Oh, and what do you know?  My Guild Wars character has 25 accumulated Hall of Monuments points for Guild Wars 2 now.  I’m tempted to go all the way to 30, but with work and school I’m already feeling the pressure.  Oh well.  It’s not like I’m in that much of a rush to get extra free stuff for my Guild Wars 2 characters… Right?