Is It My Day?

It’s my birthday. As mentioned by my friend Alain Gravel in reply to my post the other day, it doesn’t feel any different from the usual weekday, except for the fact that my family had made an effort to prepare something other than the usual viand to go with rice.  Suffice to say there was lumpia, spaghetti, and lots of pork barbecue to be had.  It was fun, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I didn’t feel bloated by the time lunch was done. Ugh.

Although it was just four of us today, the greetings by the folks on Twitter made up for the lack of a proper party. So let me thank all the people who tweeted a greeting. Thanks for keeping up for me, and maybe you can endure my pessimism for another year, ahaha.

Aside from that, it was also my payday. I was significantly less happy about seeing the salary I could withdraw (barely 4400 PHP), since I had to use 2000 of that to pay off the phone bill, and about 500 to completely pay off one of my credit cards.  That leaves me with about… less than 1500 to tide me over until the next payday.  It’s not much to work with, to say the least, and is definitely not going to cover my portion of this month’s electricity bill.  Face the wrath of my sister yet again, or starve? Choices, choices…

It’s a good thing (or a bad thing) that tatay deposited about 300 USD into my savings account sometime after I turned in what was left of my salary for savings; good, in that if I play things right, the next four or more months worth of bills are more or less taken care of; bad, in that I’ll have to endure another round of backtalk from my sister, and I’m once again indebted to my parents for bailing me out.  So much for financial independence once I hit thirty. *sigh*

Ah, so frustrating.  Maybe I’ll spend the rest of my day tomorrow sleeping in bed…


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