Weekend Working

It’s my day off tomorrow, but I won’t be enjoying it as much as I usually do. The reason for this, of course, is the fact that I’m going to use it to (hopefully) do most of my translation project. I’m under no illusion that I’ll be able to complete it in one day, but I do think that (barring distractions) I’d be able to finish the initial translation of the short story before evening, and maybe do some ‘clean up’ before bed. ‘Clean up’ in this case meaning replacing words or phrases to fit more in the context I want to translate the story to (in this case a somewhat Filipino viewpoint).

This is of course, providing everything goes according to plan. In my experience though this rarely happens, but I’d like to see most of it accomplished, so I can devote the remaining free time leading up to the 25th to the theoretical portion of the project. Believe me when I say that I’ll need all of that just to make sure I don’t sound like… an idiot, really.

As for other matters… Wow, it wasn’t as bad as usual during today’s shift. I don’t think I even raised my voice a bit, nor did I get the overwhelming urge to smack my headset against my workstation.  Although there were still a lot of calls, I think it was because I paced myself better than usual, which meant that the usual pressure never built up. The fact that I was able to get more than six hours of sleep last night probably contributed as well, if only for my peace of mind (I tend to be cranky when I’m sleep deprived).

Hmm. Which reminds me, I want to start early tomorrow, so I guess heading to bed early will help with that. Oh well, nothing else to share at this point, so I guess that’s it for this entry tonight.

P.S. I bought a pair of twelve-pound dumbbells to supplement the pair of eight-pounders I already owned. Tried the former out tonight for my usual work-out, but my muscles feel… tingly as a result. This will get some getting used to.


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