Big Screens, Big Deal

Today our father finally decided to buy the family a new TV, as he heard that SM had a sale for the weekend. So, with three of us in tow (me, my sister, and our cousin), we headed down to the Mall of Asia, and take a look at what models were available at the … Continue reading Big Screens, Big Deal

Book-Wrangling Walkabout

My plans were today were simple really: after work, after dropping by the house for a quick lunch (and a loan of a thousand pesos from my father), I'd head straight to the closest bookstores in the Makati area to look for any published screenplays they had available, pick two to buy, then head back … Continue reading Book-Wrangling Walkabout

Nothing to Read Here, Again

Even for my low standards, today was very slow and very mellow. Really, there's nothing of note to share today. The calls were slow, it rained until lunchtime, and I wasn't able to go to DLSU's library as planned because apparently classes were cancelled during the morning, which meant that the library was closed as … Continue reading Nothing to Read Here, Again

Rained In Blues

I think it's common knowledge by now how the main island of Luzon experienced a direct hit by Typhoon Nesat, which explains the gradually-strengthening amount of rain yesterday, and the craziness the metropolis experienced for most of today. Metro Manila was listed under Signal Number 2, which was the highest typhoon signal the capital has … Continue reading Rained In Blues

Rained In And Out

This result was pretty much expected. I knew that it's been raining since early this morning, but I still figured that the downpour would let up sometime during the afternoon. It didn't quite stop, but it had weakened enough that it was barely drizzling once I started out for my usual route. I'd already gotten … Continue reading Rained In And Out

Not As Painful

I was able to do some jogging again today, after five-odd days of not exercising. This time around I experienced none of the cramps I've come to expect after a period of inactivity. Okay, so maybe doing all those stretches prior to walking briskly to the halfway point might have helped, as well as the … Continue reading Not As Painful

Adding To The Crowd

While it would be stretching things to say that the class today was exciting, I was able to learn just a few more things about screenplays, specifically how to start building up the 'meat' of your story from just the ending, the midpoint, and the beginning. Oh, and how to essentially summarize the plot of … Continue reading Adding To The Crowd

A Little Piece of Devastation

If one's looking for a description of a day well-spent, then this is not an entry of one of those days. Truthfully, I spend most of my day in front of my computer -- reading PDFs of required reading material for tomorrow's class, granted, but still in front of my PC -- and only stood … Continue reading A Little Piece of Devastation

Literary Mountain To Climb

I just looked through the reading list of works that one has to be familiar with in order to be prepared for the comprehensive examination. After looking through the titles I quickly realized that, yes, I was in trouble.  Here's the list of works in question for the curious. Those that I've highlighted in red … Continue reading Literary Mountain To Climb

Hibernation Excuse

I think it's inevitable that, after several nights of experiencing barely six hours of sleep each, all that fatigue would just build up to the point where I was too tired to even care about doing anything. It's exactly what happened to me late afternoon yesterday, which is why I had to make do with … Continue reading Hibernation Excuse