Disaster Flags

October 31, 2011

I can see a lot of them… And unfortunately, they’re multiplying.  Needless to say I’m not very happy at the prospect, but this lack of progress is damning, in so many ways.

God help me.  This semester will be the death of me, figuratively, in more ways than one.  And it’s not even the Workshop class yet! Blah!


Panic And More Panic

October 30, 2011

There’s literally no other way to describe my situation right now, aside from seriously screwed.  Another deadline is looming in the next few days, and I’m nowhere done on the other delayed submission.  Oh Haruhi, were there more hours in a day… I’d probably find some way to waste them instead of putting them to good use.  Ugh.

I really have to find a way to kill off my internet for a few days. It’s the primary reason I can’t concentrate. Seriously.  It’s just so tempting to browse one more site. Then another. Then another.  The next thing I know, I’m creating a Character Sheet for Last Exile with more enthusiasm than I should give my project…  Well, one can guess how that turned out.

I’m hopeless, I really am.

Lots To Go Around

October 29, 2011

I am officially in despair at this point.  I still haven’t finished my twenty-pager at this point, which means it’s about two to three weeks delayed, and now I also have at least thirty pages worth of actual screenplay that I have to submit on Saturday.  Darn, but this is looking pretty grim.  And what’s worse, I think my system is resisting all those energy drinks I’ve been drinking, to the point that I’m actually getting drowsy instead of alert when I down a bottle.  Not good.  This pretty much means that I’m not only going to have to cut down on them for a while, but I’ll have to rely on what I can get from resting.  Ugh.

This hole I’m digging myself in… It’s just getting deeper and deeper.

Some Progress

October 28, 2011

Which is to say, no progress at all.  I am so disappointed in myself at this point.  Running on fumes (not literally, though I am on my second bottle of Lipovitan), with nothing to show for it though.  I worry about my liver, yes I do.


October 27, 2011

Suffice to say that I’m busy, and I won’t be sleeping anytime soon. Hopefully I’ll have this done with before noontime tomorrow. I’d really hate using up a whole day on this, rather than using it for resting.

The Big D Word

October 26, 2011

Ugh, just… Ugh.  I have to wonder why I even bother booting up my computer when I get home, if I’m not going to be doing anything creative on it.  Another afternoon and evening wasted.  Good Haruhi, what is wrong with me?  It’s just so easy for me to get distracted it’s not even funny anymore.

Two more days until classes again.  And I’m still without anything to show for it.  At this point my submission has been delayed for almost a week now, without even an outline to show for all the wasted time.  I just feel so helpless right now, and not only that, but I feel terribly stupid as well.

I mean, is it really so hard to put up an outline, the start filling in the spaces from there?

Anything Goes

October 25, 2011

Despite the urgency of the situation, I just couldn’t find the energy to work on my already-delayed twenty-pager. I just couldn’t muster any motivation to even do the very simple outline.

Ah, I’m so screwed. I don’t want to fail this term, but gosh is it hard to be creative for some reason.

Is it because I have absolutely no idea how to write a story with a ten-year-old as a lead?  Maybe.  I honestly can’t even remember how I was when I was that age, and I don’t think my own personal family life can be used as a proper basis either. 

Ugh, I just don’t know.  Maybe something will happen tomorrow that can break me from this funk, but I won’t hope too much.  The irony, I’m actually waiting for a ‘plot point’ to help turn this sorry state of mine towards a new direction.