Every Little Bit of Progress Can’t Hurt

November 19, 2011

Well it’s not much of a progress report at this point, but I was able to get 15 pages done during the week, and around 7 more pages besides.  While I’m not quite caught up, at least I didn’t have to cram all of those 21 pages over a single evening.  That said, I’m still a little delayed, and it’s another 15 pages for next Saturday.

As I’m slowly getting to the minimum page mark for the final screenplay submission, other worries are starting to make themselves apparent.  One of the main problems right now is the fact that, 45 pages in, I still haven’t hit the midpoint for the plot (an issue noted in my 20-page treatment), where it should have reached the midpoint at page 40.  I might have to do something about it, which means trimming down some of Act 1, and then beefing up Act 2.  Joy.

Anyway, I need to focus.  Need to do the next 15 pages, then I’ll try to do necessary rewrites.  And judging by the comments so far by my professor on my submissions, the latter will be needed badly.  Tsk, again, it’s kind of painful having the knowledge that I suck rubbed in my face, but what can I do? 

Ah, I need rest.  Maybe a nap for an hour or two.  I’m feeling the start of a big headache, and it’s best to preempt it by resting.


Notice Of Exile

November 12, 2011

Okay, I’ve decided on a plan of action.  While it’s going to be painful for a while, I’m going to limit my use of my desktop only to weekends.  By extension, this means that I won’t be online until that time, so all of the shows I normally watch over the week will have to be just downloaded in one go on Saturdays.  Drastic times call for drastic measures, and the fact that I technically need to finish about forty pages in the next two weeks means that I can’t afford to be distracted.

Nothing set for the place I can relocate to so I can concentrate on my typing, but if push comes to shove I’ll just bring my laptop to school and see what work I can do while there.

Now, let’s see if this actually produces results as I’m really tired of cramming at this point.  It’s not doing my health any favors (haven’t jogged in weeks, and my left foot is acting up again), and what’s worse it doesn’t really accomplish much.  If I could only write believable dialogue for a ten-year-old… Ugh.

On to personal news… It looks like, for a while at least, I’ll be left alone with my cousin again at home.  Tatay is again going back to Negros to continue working on the documentation for our house (and other family properties) there, while my sister is going off on one of her usual self-funded vacations.  That means my poor savings will have to bear the brunt of the expenses for a while, but I’m not too positive it’ll last, especially since I just made a payment on my credit card bill (I estimate I’ll have everything paid off by December at this rate). 

So some belt-tightening is again in order.  Cutting down work-related expense to just fifty pesos is doable, but that means I’ll have to eat breakfast and lunch at home.  Eh, I suppose I can eat heavy in the mornings, and just suppress the near-lunch hunger pangs with water.  Yeah.

Anyway starting Monday, no internet use, which means no posts from yours truly.  Not that it matters, since no one really visits my online journal anyway, so unlike EmperorJ I’m not that affected by the lack of hits. 🙂

No Longer A Placeholder

November 10, 2011

Good Haruhi, what a really annoying end to a week.  While I was able to submit the requirement for this week, I wasn’t able to finish the last ten pages of the screenplay, which should have been submitted the week before.  Funny how things worked out again.  And then it’s at least fifteen pages for next Saturday, then another fifteen for the one that follows… If one does the math, it pretty means a lot of pain for me until December. 

Ugh, I don’t want to raise my arms in defeat, but it’s getting really hard to catch up now, and that’s not even taking into consideration the revisions I need to do.  I have to find a way to avoid my desktop.  There’s just so much distractions in it, plus the fact that when it’s on, it’s just so easy to hop onto the internet…  Mmgh.  The thing is, there’s no other place in my house where I can temporarily go to to avoid getting distracted by my main PC and its contents.  My sister’s room is out, since she sleeps during the daytime (she works evenings, remember), and my father pretty much sleeps there while she’s out.  Ditto for downstairs, since my cousin usually watches afternoon shows on the TV in the sala.

Grr, I really don’t want to head out just to be able to concentrate on what I need to do, but at this rate it’s looking like the only viable solution… Outside of unplugging my PC, which never seems to be a permanent solution, as whenever I look at the powered-down unit, I always get the urge to turn it on, nevermind the instances where either my father or sister need to use the programs in it.

Ah, I’m so weak-willed.  Add to that having the attention span of a ten-year-old, well, suffice to say there’s real cause to panic now.

Maybe trying a combination of turning off the power to the main PC and relocating to somewhere else?  I’m willing to try anything at this point, really.

Gaining Momentum

November 9, 2011

It’s not as much as I’d like though, but at least it’s something. Around four pages of dialogue so far, which leaves around fourteen more to go, give or take.  The rest will be filled by the descriptions and line cuts.  Fatigue willing, I should be able to be over and done with this by Friday.  I hope.  Things still might go wrong along the way, but hey, I’ll take what progress I can get.

Listless and Rudderless

November 8, 2011

Once again I’ve failed to do anything productive today.  On the bright side, I think I’ve (mentally) hammered out the dialogue I’ll be using for the odd twenty pages I need to do this week, but it’s better than nothing.  I’m not confident that it won’t come off as awkward for the most part, but I’m working mostly on inertia right now.  Just get the words down first, then worry about how naturally or casual-sounding they should be.

My father and I had an argument yet again today.  It all started over a misunderstanding over how long the Master’s degree program is supposed to be (about seven years in total), and how many semesters of classes I still need to plow through, but quickly escalated to what the heck I’m supposed to do with my life.  To him I’m just wasting my time, and adding to all the time I’ve already wasted mucking about, and to what end?  Will I be able to make money out of the things I learned in the program so far?

I understand my father’s worries though — at my age, I should have already accomplished something, and yet here I am, not even self-sufficient and taking up a program preparing me for a career that, in hindsight, isn’t really that stable.  Also there’s the fact that, due to my savings bottoming out, I’m forced to rely on them monetarily to even continue studying… which shouldn’t even be the case at this point.  All that money they’re sinking into my Master’s Degree should have gone into their retirement, and yet… Ugh, it’s frustrating on so many levels.

I get it already tatay, you and nanay shouldn’t even be working anymore, and yet here you are still looking out for your thirty-something eldest daughter.

And it didn’t help that my sister just had to butt in our little exchange before she left for work.  Yes, please, rub it in my face that you’re mostly self-sufficient, finished your own master’s degree in Business Management, on top of working full-time.  Oh, all this aside from having a steady relationship, having a lot of money saved up, and planning for your own wedding.  

Thanks for making me feel even worse, sis.  

It makes for a really annoying end to a somewhat okay day.  Ugh. 

Dominoes, All Told

November 7, 2011

So much for well-made plans.  Although I managed to sleep this afternoon after work, once I woke up I didn’t feel like doing much of anything.  The motivation just wasn’t there to actually write anything, which isn’t funny at all since I have, once again, a deadline I have to meet at the end of the week.  Is it too early to panic?  Never too early to panic, in my experience, but I’ll just have to see.

Normally I’d just brute-force my way through this motivation block with a cup or two of cola, but I can’t even do that at the moment.  Frankly speaking I have no money, and as mentioned previously my next payday is still on Friday, so…  I’m kind of in a personal impasse.  And it’s not like I can stay on late either, as I have work again tomorrow.  Arg, I need to do something soon, else I’m in trouble academically this week as well.

It’s interesting to note how I had this… urge, to write something while I was at the office.  Today being the usual slow Monday, and it being a holiday on top of that, there wasn’t really much to keep myself occupied with.  So my mind usually did its usual wandering with some brainstorming on the side.  Only it wasn’t connected to my school screenplay project at all, but yet another stuff related to Summer’s End.  I really have to start putting stuff about that setting down on paper someday…

Ah, have to do something about my lack of funding until payday.  

Slide Shift

November 6, 2011

Apparently our company has just shifted to Daylight Savings Time as of this week, which means the company schedules are moved forward an hour.  It’s not that much of a change, though this does mean that I won’t have to wake up as early as I normally do, which is always a plus for me since it means I can sleep in longer.  On the down side though, the one-hour adjustment means that, instead of being able to heading to work relatively without much hassle, now I’ll have to contend with the morning rush-hour, which means most of the MRT trains will be sardine-packed with people.  By extension this also means that my shift ends literally at the end of a normal person’s lunch break.  

Hmm, come to think of it, that has its share of advantages.

On to other news… I’m broke.  As in literally broke this time.  This means that I’ll have to ask my father for a loan to see me through the week, since I won’t get my pay until at least Friday.  Ugh.  And since my sister had to foot my share of the electric bill this month, I’ll have to pay her back for it, which diminishes my already-meager salary even further.  Honestly, I think it’s been months since I’ve been able to enjoy the monetary fruits of my toil…  My life’s really gone to living from one payday to the next, sheesh.

Oh, and twenty pages for this week.  Can’t forget that.  I better start on that tomorrow, before things start to turn crazy again.