Every Little Bit of Progress Can’t Hurt

Well it's not much of a progress report at this point, but I was able to get 15 pages done during the week, and around 7 more pages besides.  While I'm not quite caught up, at least I didn't have to cram all of those 21 pages over a single evening.  That said, I'm still … Continue reading Every Little Bit of Progress Can’t Hurt


Notice Of Exile

Okay, I've decided on a plan of action.  While it's going to be painful for a while, I'm going to limit my use of my desktop only to weekends.  By extension, this means that I won't be online until that time, so all of the shows I normally watch over the week will have to … Continue reading Notice Of Exile

No Longer A Placeholder

Good Haruhi, what a really annoying end to a week.  While I was able to submit the requirement for this week, I wasn't able to finish the last ten pages of the screenplay, which should have been submitted the week before.  Funny how things worked out again.  And then it's at least fifteen pages for … Continue reading No Longer A Placeholder

Gaining Momentum

It's not as much as I'd like though, but at least it's something. Around four pages of dialogue so far, which leaves around fourteen more to go, give or take.  The rest will be filled by the descriptions and line cuts.  Fatigue willing, I should be able to be over and done with this by … Continue reading Gaining Momentum

Listless and Rudderless

Once again I've failed to do anything productive today.  On the bright side, I think I've (mentally) hammered out the dialogue I'll be using for the odd twenty pages I need to do this week, but it's better than nothing.  I'm not confident that it won't come off as awkward for the most part, but … Continue reading Listless and Rudderless

Dominoes, All Told

So much for well-made plans.  Although I managed to sleep this afternoon after work, once I woke up I didn't feel like doing much of anything.  The motivation just wasn't there to actually write anything, which isn't funny at all since I have, once again, a deadline I have to meet at the end of … Continue reading Dominoes, All Told

Slide Shift

Apparently our company has just shifted to Daylight Savings Time as of this week, which means the company schedules are moved forward an hour.  It's not that much of a change, though this does mean that I won't have to wake up as early as I normally do, which is always a plus for me since … Continue reading Slide Shift