Filling In The Gaps

January 31, 2012

What could I say?  It was yet another routine Tuesday at the office, which meant that, from around seven to at least ten in the morning the calls came in nearly nonstop.  Thankfully once it hit around ten-thirty or so the queue started to wind down, at least on the customer service side of the equation.  This didn’t mean that the merchant side of things stopped completely, but at least it was far less stressful.

I was a little surprised when it started raining hard a few minutes before I got off my shift.  By the time I got out, the street in front of the office was already flooded in at least ankle-high water.  Needless to say it wasn’t really a pleasant walk to and from the MRT station, especially since I didn’t bring an umbrella (And why should I? The forecast said nothing about rain!).  The rain had more or less blown over by the time I arrived home though, and the skies remained clear as I set out for the afternoon for my usual session at the gym.

Once I got home, I obviously set to work on giving the remaining girls in the Puella Stampede base colors… Well, at least those with official or semi-official color schemes anyway.  This still leaves about five more without base colors though (is anyone surprised at all that all of them are from the Kazumi Magica manga?), so unless the manga-ka comes up with some color spreads for the comic in the next issue of Kirara Forward, then I’ll likely have to rely on fill-in-the-blanks via Color Wheel.  May Haruhi help us all.


A Bit More To Go

January 30, 2012

And with this, I’m just this bit closer to completing this phase of the coloring process.  At this point there are just three more magical girls (those with color schemes anyway) plus the Incubators left without base colors, and if I push it a bit (and not get distracted by other things) I should be done with them by tomorrow evening.  Not that it means that my troubles are over, since that leaves the girls without any official color schemes still uncompleted.  Mmph, at this rate I might just have to go with fan interpretations, or maybe just bring up the color wheel and fill up the gaps using the thus-far unused colors there.  We’ll just have to see, I suppose.

It was another routine Monday at the office, which means it was very laid back and relaxed due to the large gaps in between calls, especially during the second half of the shift.  I took advantage of the avail time in my own way (by reading through the latest chapter of To The Stars), though some of my teammates, those whose batch I was part of I mean, apparently were planning yet another overnight trip somewhere.  How they manage to do so with the salary we have boggles the mind, really.

Did another routine workout this afternoon, despite my father’s expected grumbling about it.  I was kind of worried about when I was supposed to pay for the monthly membership fee, but in my case it’s still a while away; since I started on the 10th of January, obviously I’ll only have to pay come the 10th of February, which is not only two-odd weeks away, but also the first payday of the month, hmm.  

Anyway, my target for this week is to lose at least a pound.  Let’s see how things go, hmm?


January 29, 2012

And so another weekend ends, which means it’s also the end of cheating on my diet and back to watching calories for the week to go along with my planned exercise at the gym.  My target for this week?  A modest pound, maybe one and a half if I push it.  Anything more than that will be far too aggressive, and would be damaging in the long run too.

Hmm, come to think of it, it’s about time to pay for the monthly membership fee.  Good thing I actually have money for a change, so it won’t be much of a problem, and given the massive difference between the price per session compared to the bulk monthly fee (two-hundred pesos per session versus one thousand two hundred pesos per month), I’m actually getting my money’s worth, especially since I go to the gym every day during weekdays, heh.

After that though, I’m pretty much on savings mode again until the next payday.  Ah, those times where I had all the extra money to spend for myself seem like a far-away memory now.  Heck, I can’t even go visit the dentist now even if I wanted to, since I don’t have the extra money to use.  Even having my teeth cleaned (something I used to do every three months) seems to be a luxury, as the cost of a session will sink my savings very quickly.  Mmph.

It’s during these times that I wonder if I should try one of  those get-money-quick stuff, just to be able to earn extra cash… like blogging for money.  But I figure, nah, it’s just not in my nature to do so.

And so I wait, and so I endure.

Anyway, on the hobby side of things, it might not be much, but I’ve based three more magical girls today.  It’s not as fast as I had initially hoped, but with three of the Pleiades started on everyone (at least, everyone with color schemes anyway) should be done by midweek.  After that all I have to figure out is the possible non-corny color schemes for those who don’t have any, then deciding on a background of course… That’s always hard.

Hey, at least I won’t be idle for the week, yes?

Taking Shape

January 28, 2012

It was back to school again today, but at this point the class seems to have settled into an impromptu routine, with two or three people getting the first parts of their screenplays read, followed by a break and a viewing of a movie (this time the second half of 100 Days, a local film entry for Cinemalaya).  We’re close to the halfway point of the semester though, which means that it’s about time to take the actual revision process seriously.  And since my own screenplay is up for critique in about two weeks, well, I suppose it’s high time to start fixing it a bit at a time.  I should be an interesting few days, for sure.

On the hobby side of things, I spent most of my free time today putting some base colors on as many puella magi as I could.  I’ve managed to do twelve so far, which is almost half of the number of the girls actually in the line-up, but I think I’ve hit my limit for the day, as can feel my eyes already twitching from strain.  That’s what I get for sitting in front of the PC for a few hours, I guess.  I’ll see if I can continue tomorrow, so I can show the progress of the project on Pixiv again.

Aside from that… Well, it’s my cheat day today, so I obviously ate to my heart’s content today without worrying about the calories I consumed.  Come tomorrow it’s back to counting calories though, as it’s also back to the gym come Monday.  Ah well, at least it helps my metabolism stabilize somewhat.  Hm, I wonder how much I’ve lost over the week?  I never was able to go to Makati today, so I guess I’ll do so tomorrow, on the way to paying for the phone/internet and water bills.

So, what’s left for me to do?  Sleep, obviously.  It’s the Sunday shift again tomorrow, which means all sorts of stress, which means a good night’s rest will do me wonders.

Activity Save Failure

January 27, 2012

I can’t really say much happened today.  While it was my day off, I had to start my morning washing the pile of laundry that had accumulated over the week (which disturbingly was more than the amount last week), although since I woke up later than usual (nine instead of eight in the morning), half of the work (well a quarter of the work since all tatay did was dunk the separate the pile between whites and colored, then dump them into basins filled with soapy water) was already done for me.  There was still a bit of soaping, scrubbing, and rinsing to be done though, but because of my father’s contribution it wasn’t even an hour before I was finished, and the clothes hung on the clothesline to dry.

As for the rest of my day?  Eh, I was trying to figure out how to base-color the puella magi stampede without crashing SAI in the process (at this point, it’s eating up 98% of the memory allotted to it).  In the end, I had to go with coloring each of the girls one at a time, then toggling their visibility to reduce memory load, then move to the next one in line.  It’s slow going, but at least I won’t have to worry about having the program go down on me unexpectedly.

After that?  Ah, well mid-afternoon I dropped by the gym again, and did my usual routine for an hour and a half.  Been gradually increasing the speed on the treadmill, though I have to wonder if I’ve lost my target for the week.  I guess I’ll find out once I drop by a Mercury Drug store with one of those weight machines again.  I needed to drop by Makati anyway, and I know of some outlets with those machines, so might as well…

And what else?  Just generally goofing off, I suppose.  I read through Imperial Armour 11: The Doom of Mymaera, and did my quota of surfing through the net (which meant I was able to browse through the latest chapter of Medaka Box while I was at it).  I was even able to get some gaming done, mostly on Katawa Shoujo.  I really should post my progress on that one.

Surprisingly I went through the day without the expected afternoon siesta… which might explain why I’m feeling sleepy at this hour.  Ah heck, might as well oblige again, like yesterday.  

Tired For No Reason

January 26, 2012

As stated on the post title, I’m feeling… exhausted really, or at the very least really sleepy.  So instead of the planned coloring of lineart, it’s bed for now.  I can’t explain why, but yeah, the bed looks awfully tempting at this moment… So I’ll oblige it.  And it’s not like I have anything exciting to share today, so…

Also I have to wake up early tomorrow early for laundry anyway, so might as well turn in.

Funds Allocation

January 25, 2012

It’s payday yet again, but as usual it looks like I’m not going to be able to enjoy the fruit of my work at the office since the last cut-off.  Even now I’m thinking just how much will I have to deduct for the bills that I’ll have to contribute in (at least three thousand three-hundred pesos), as well as set aside the rest for my savings, in preparation for the things I have to pay for at the start of next month (like the monthly membership fee for the gym).  That leaves… not a whole lot, actually, and when you add in the expected credit card bill, hmm, to say that it’s tight is an understatement.  

This pretty much means that I won’t be able to pay back my sister for what she did last month (footing my half of the household bills), but at least I’m going to be able to contribute this month, right?  I’ll try to pay her back eventually, but first thing’s first: I have to get the money in the bank, which means I’m going to have to make a brief detour on the way back home.  I wasn’t able to do so this afternoon, since I sort of forgot about it while I was preparing to head to the gym.

Speaking of my sessions at the gym, one of the other regulars asked me why I was keeping to the treadmills for now, instead of doing the usual circuit on the other exercise machines that everyone else was doing.  My answer?  I’ll do the circuit on the machines eventually, but only after I hit a specific weight — in my case about ten-odd pounds to my ‘ideal weight’ for my height — since at that point no matter how hard I run I stop losing poundage (as I experienced in Washington DC).  The extra effort that the workout machines will bring might be just the thing to help in that final push.

Oh, and there’s another reason I avoid the weight machines: my arms usually feel either numb or stiff afterward, and with the amount of drawing I’ve been doing lately, ah, that wouldn’t be optimal at all.  Especially now that I’ve been adding base colors to the members of the stampede bit by bit, though it’s slow going since I have to make sure everything is in-line….