Filling In The Gaps

What could I say?  It was yet another routine Tuesday at the office, which meant that, from around seven to at least ten in the morning the calls came in nearly nonstop.  Thankfully once it hit around ten-thirty or so the queue started to wind down, at least on the customer service side of the equation. … Continue reading Filling In The Gaps

A Bit More To Go

And with this, I'm just this bit closer to completing this phase of the coloring process.  At this point there are just three more magical girls (those with color schemes anyway) plus the Incubators left without base colors, and if I push it a bit (and not get distracted by other things) I should be … Continue reading A Bit More To Go


And so another weekend ends, which means it's also the end of cheating on my diet and back to watching calories for the week to go along with my planned exercise at the gym.  My target for this week?  A modest pound, maybe one and a half if I push it.  Anything more than that … Continue reading Juncture

Taking Shape

It was back to school again today, but at this point the class seems to have settled into an impromptu routine, with two or three people getting the first parts of their screenplays read, followed by a break and a viewing of a movie (this time the second half of 100 Days, a local film … Continue reading Taking Shape

Activity Save Failure

I can't really say much happened today.  While it was my day off, I had to start my morning washing the pile of laundry that had accumulated over the week (which disturbingly was more than the amount last week), although since I woke up later than usual (nine instead of eight in the morning), half of … Continue reading Activity Save Failure

Tired For No Reason

As stated on the post title, I'm feeling... exhausted really, or at the very least really sleepy.  So instead of the planned coloring of lineart, it's bed for now.  I can't explain why, but yeah, the bed looks awfully tempting at this moment... So I'll oblige it.  And it's not like I have anything exciting … Continue reading Tired For No Reason

Funds Allocation

It's payday yet again, but as usual it looks like I'm not going to be able to enjoy the fruit of my work at the office since the last cut-off.  Even now I'm thinking just how much will I have to deduct for the bills that I'll have to contribute in (at least three thousand … Continue reading Funds Allocation