Quick And Easily Done

January 3, 2012

It’s was yet another slow day at the office, though honestly I don’t mind that much.  It was rare enough to experience a weekday workshift where one wasn’t stressed out of one’s mind, so I figured it would be best to enjoy it while it lasted.  I figure it’ll be a few more days like this, before things return back to normal.

I didn’t go straight to DLSU after I got off work, and dropped by the house to take a quick lunch, as well as to ask for tuition money.  As embarrassing as it is to ask for monetary aid at my age, there’s no real way for me to continue my studies otherwise.  Besides I’m not really sure if I can even pay for it on my salary (my next payday by the way is on the 10th), and the holiday season really put a hole in my savings…  So, yeah, I had to swallow what little pride I had and ask for cash again.  Just another debt in a string of stuff I owe my parents for.

As for the payment of the tuition itself, it pretty much went without a hitch.  Okay it started raining on the way to the campus (and was still raining once I started on my way home), and there was the usual payment queues and waits I had to endure (I think I went through about ten VOCALOID songs in my iPod’s playlist), but when my name was called it was as good as over.  I handed over the money, got the receipt in return, and made way for the next person in line.  Very simple.

I took my usual nap once I got home, and as per habit these past few days, I started on yet another addition to the Puella stampede.  As noted on my Pixiv account, it’s one of the extras from episode 12.  Hmm, four more to go I suppose.  Maybe I can finish all of them before I head off for class on Saturday?

One can dream, I suppose.