Cheating Days

January 14, 2012

I decided not to go to gym after class today.  While the lecture wasn’t stressful, I figured that going four days straight was enough for the week.  Since I wasn’t going, I designated today as my cheat day of sorts, where I was free to veg out and over-eat for a change.  Depending on the situation tomorrow though (and how soon my sister and father arrive on their flight) I might drop by for a short session in the afternoon.  Have to build up a habit after all (the plan is having at least five days a week, with breaks depending on how I feel)…

Although it’s relatively early, my eyes are already drooping, so I guess it’s off to bed.  I already have a sketch lined up and waiting to be scanned of Ayase Souju, but I suppose that can be done tomorrow evening.  It’s kind of complicated too, and since my mind isn’t all here at the moment it’s just that more easier to mess up.  It’s also a Sunday shift tomorrow, which means all the extra energy that sleeping early will get me will help, as usual.

Ah, I have to remember. February 11th is when my screenplay gets read in front of the class.  More than enough time to build up resistance to embarrassment.