Extra Frilly

Since my systems haven’t been fully restored yet, I was pretty much stuck on membership application duty for the duration of my shift.  It wasn’t that bad, and any day that I’m not answering customer service calls is an okay day for me, but the time in between calls was still a little too short than I’m used to.  And today was supposed to be the Monday shift?  Didn’t seem that way at all to me, but at least it wasn’t queueing, right?

Aside from the usual visit to the gym this afternoon, as well as the siesta that followed once I got home, I busied myself with finishing the line-art for the Ayase Souju sketch I did almost three days ago.  Ugh, frills everywhere.  Well, at least it’s finished, and uploaded unto Pixiv.  That pretty much leaves one named magical girl from Kazumi Magica left undrawn, and when she’s done it’s finally unto the mobile phone game characters.  Can’t wait.


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