Taking Shape

It was back to school again today, but at this point the class seems to have settled into an impromptu routine, with two or three people getting the first parts of their screenplays read, followed by a break and a viewing of a movie (this time the second half of 100 Days, a local film entry for Cinemalaya).  We’re close to the halfway point of the semester though, which means that it’s about time to take the actual revision process seriously.  And since my own screenplay is up for critique in about two weeks, well, I suppose it’s high time to start fixing it a bit at a time.  I should be an interesting few days, for sure.

On the hobby side of things, I spent most of my free time today putting some base colors on as many puella magi as I could.  I’ve managed to do twelve so far, which is almost half of the number of the girls actually in the line-up, but I think I’ve hit my limit for the day, as can feel my eyes already twitching from strain.  That’s what I get for sitting in front of the PC for a few hours, I guess.  I’ll see if I can continue tomorrow, so I can show the progress of the project on Pixiv again.

Aside from that… Well, it’s my cheat day today, so I obviously ate to my heart’s content today without worrying about the calories I consumed.  Come tomorrow it’s back to counting calories though, as it’s also back to the gym come Monday.  Ah well, at least it helps my metabolism stabilize somewhat.  Hm, I wonder how much I’ve lost over the week?  I never was able to go to Makati today, so I guess I’ll do so tomorrow, on the way to paying for the phone/internet and water bills.

So, what’s left for me to do?  Sleep, obviously.  It’s the Sunday shift again tomorrow, which means all sorts of stress, which means a good night’s rest will do me wonders.


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