January 29, 2012

And so another weekend ends, which means it’s also the end of cheating on my diet and back to watching calories for the week to go along with my planned exercise at the gym.  My target for this week?  A modest pound, maybe one and a half if I push it.  Anything more than that will be far too aggressive, and would be damaging in the long run too.

Hmm, come to think of it, it’s about time to pay for the monthly membership fee.  Good thing I actually have money for a change, so it won’t be much of a problem, and given the massive difference between the price per session compared to the bulk monthly fee (two-hundred pesos per session versus one thousand two hundred pesos per month), I’m actually getting my money’s worth, especially since I go to the gym every day during weekdays, heh.

After that though, I’m pretty much on savings mode again until the next payday.  Ah, those times where I had all the extra money to spend for myself seem like a far-away memory now.  Heck, I can’t even go visit the dentist now even if I wanted to, since I don’t have the extra money to use.  Even having my teeth cleaned (something I used to do every three months) seems to be a luxury, as the cost of a session will sink my savings very quickly.  Mmph.

It’s during these times that I wonder if I should try one of  those get-money-quick stuff, just to be able to earn extra cash… like blogging for money.  But I figure, nah, it’s just not in my nature to do so.

And so I wait, and so I endure.

Anyway, on the hobby side of things, it might not be much, but I’ve based three more magical girls today.  It’s not as fast as I had initially hoped, but with three of the Pleiades started on everyone (at least, everyone with color schemes anyway) should be done by midweek.  After that all I have to figure out is the possible non-corny color schemes for those who don’t have any, then deciding on a background of course… That’s always hard.

Hey, at least I won’t be idle for the week, yes?