Filling In The Gaps

January 31, 2012

What could I say?  It was yet another routine Tuesday at the office, which meant that, from around seven to at least ten in the morning the calls came in nearly nonstop.  Thankfully once it hit around ten-thirty or so the queue started to wind down, at least on the customer service side of the equation.  This didn’t mean that the merchant side of things stopped completely, but at least it was far less stressful.

I was a little surprised when it started raining hard a few minutes before I got off my shift.  By the time I got out, the street in front of the office was already flooded in at least ankle-high water.  Needless to say it wasn’t really a pleasant walk to and from the MRT station, especially since I didn’t bring an umbrella (And why should I? The forecast said nothing about rain!).  The rain had more or less blown over by the time I arrived home though, and the skies remained clear as I set out for the afternoon for my usual session at the gym.

Once I got home, I obviously set to work on giving the remaining girls in the Puella Stampede base colors… Well, at least those with official or semi-official color schemes anyway.  This still leaves about five more without base colors though (is anyone surprised at all that all of them are from the Kazumi Magica manga?), so unless the manga-ka comes up with some color spreads for the comic in the next issue of Kirara Forward, then I’ll likely have to rely on fill-in-the-blanks via Color Wheel.  May Haruhi help us all.