Even A Little Is Better Than Nothing

Given how relatively late I went to bed last night (a good thirty minutes or so past midnight), it's not surprising that I started my first rest day relatively late as well.  I woke up around nine-thirty, but I didn't really feel refreshed at all.  I must be because of the heat, and while it … Continue reading Even A Little Is Better Than Nothing


Hobby Sidetracking

I know that I should be using my rest day tomorrow to start double-timing on my screenplay rewrite, but at this point I don't think I'm in the right mindset to even try... So I won't.  Instead, I've decided to just spend at least some of it on my neglected hobbies, Warhammer 40k painting and modeling … Continue reading Hobby Sidetracking

Auditory Violence

In yet another brilliant move by our workforce staff today's morning shift was pretty much manned by a floor shift composed of less than a dozen people, on what was probably the busiest workshift of the week.  Sometimes I have to wonder what exactly is going on inside the heads of the folk who set … Continue reading Auditory Violence

Unexpected and Unplanned

It's kind of embarrassing how I rushed to the university earlier, fully dressed and prepared for class, only to find out that... there was no classes.  DLSU was locked tighter than a medieval chastity belt by the time I arrived there, and it honestly took  me by surprise.  I did not expect for it to … Continue reading Unexpected and Unplanned

Okay Overall

And so this week comes to a close without much fanfare on my end.  I'm still kind of bummed out that I couldn't get Friday off, but at least I have Saturday free (for this week anyway), so no problems about classes.  As for work, ah, well it couldn't have been more relaxed, especially since … Continue reading Okay Overall

Distracted For The Day

It's my rest day today for the week, and as usual I had the choice to devote it to either either schoolwork (stuff related to screenplay writing), hobby-related stuff, or simply just resting in my bed.    Since I wasn't in the right frame of mind to do any rewrites on my screenplay, and it … Continue reading Distracted For The Day