Bingeing Out

March 18, 2012

It was a relatively uneventful Sunday, as far as work shifts go.  Given my usual problems with my system, I ended up taking up membership application duties again.  It’s pretty much old news, but I do so prefer it than answering CS calls, and it being Sunday, there are usually a flood of those coming in (indeed, one of my co-workers was stuck answering CS calls for most of the shift, meaning he wasn’t in a good mood for much of the morning).

Aside from that, I pretty much pigged out at Yoshinoya.  Ordered their biggest beef bowl and ate it without even a hint of guilt.  I’ll totally hate myself tomorrow for it though.

Incidentally I was only able to indulge in said beef bowl (and the full-body massage that came some time after) because I had a recent infusion of cash care of a hundred US dollars sent by my mom.  She didn’t really specify what it was for, but I’d like to think that it was for the Christmas present that Tatay never got around to giving me last year (because he couldn’t decide on any — what happened to having the thought count?).

Can’t really say much. Oh yeah, chipping away at the screenplay. Hard to keep off the net though. Viva distractions!