Progress Report Again: For Saturday

Progress: Minor.

Temperament: Desperate.

I’d like to say that I was able to work on my rewrite today, but the going is slow, to say the least.  I really can’t concentrate while I’m at home.  It’s either there’s too many distractions in my room alone (and my willpower failing me at resisting said distractions), and what’s more, it’s freaking hot.  Really, it was like the weather suddenly decided to drop summer, in all its humid glory, upon us, despite the fact that it was actually cold because of the rain yesterday.  Sheesh.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m supposed to submit the ‘best’ set of dialogue from my screenplay for reading… The thing is, I’m not sure if there’s any dialogue in the draft that could be considered even remotely presentable.  Mmph.  With the rewrite bogged down as it is though, it looks like I have no choice but to use a chunk from the draft and hope that it isn’t heckled to heck and back.

On other stuff, I was finally able to have my teeth cleaned, after what’s probably four months since my  scheduled session.  Funny how not having enough money makes you prioritize stuff huh?  I wasn’t able to have my retainers adjusted while I was at it though, as I left them at home (since I went to the gym before visiting the clinic, and I don’t like carrying it around).  Oh well, next time I suppose.

I technically have the whole week off next week, since it was my approved LOA. I better put it to good use.


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