Lazy Starts

What can be said about today?  It was laid-back and relaxed at the office, and with a lot of people on the floor coupled with it being a Sunday in the US, that meant that there were  huge avail times.  Naturally I took advantage of this, though not in the way that I'd have liked (given the … Continue reading Lazy Starts

Again, Not Too Bad

Today's shift was again surprisingly stress-free, but I guess I have to thank the customer service teams on duty for actually, you know, being there to take in the calls they're supposed to be receiving in the first place.  So this meant that, barring one strange instance where the membership application queue suddenly spiked, the … Continue reading Again, Not Too Bad

Delayed Due To A Movie

So I eventually did get to watch the Avengers movie.  Took a heck of a lot of work just to get a ticket however, given the crazy lines at the Makati cinemas I usually go to.  Heck at Greenbelt everything was sold out except for the 1:35 AM screening.  Seriously.  I wasted a lot of … Continue reading Delayed Due To A Movie

Hate It When I’m Right

Although I woke up relatively early (for a normal person anyway), I wasn't able to join my father on his morning walk like he wanted.  He didn't really seem to mind that much, and didn't bring up the issue during breakfast, so I didn't worry about it as well. Given how it was my day … Continue reading Hate It When I’m Right

Welcomed Arrival

After all those stressful workdays, to say that I was looking forward to my days off is understating things.  That said, it would be an awful waste just to sit around and do nothing during those two days, so I'll  try to do something productive (somewhat) with that time.  Hobby-related obviously, but that's as close to useful … Continue reading Welcomed Arrival

Object Of Surprise

Although it was payday, for many of my officemates there was little to be happy about.  For some odd reason, the pay they received for the cutoff didn't quite match up to their expectations, especially for those who did overtime over the past few weeks.  In many instances the salary they received was actually less … Continue reading Object Of Surprise