Not-So Relaxed

After a relatively stressful Sunday, I’d have expected at least that today’s shift would at least a little more laid-back (that, and it’s supposed to be Sunday evening in the US, meaning less calls).  It didn’t live up to my usual expectations, with weird spikes in the queue that caused the three of us to scramble like headless chickens.  And what’s worse, there was this terrible latency within the system that caused things to freeze if one even just tries opening a site with a lot of pictures in it.  That really killed my day right there, as it meant that I wasn’t able to freely browse the net in between calls. 

So that meant no catching up on scanslated manga while at work.  Oh well, it was a minor loss.   I could still browse some of my favorite forums (I had to disable image displays just to be able to do anything though), after all.  

I do hope that the issue is fixed tomorrow though, as I had to restart my remote browser multiple times (since the system either froze or slowed to a crawl whenever a site with tons of pictures was being loaded by the browser).

My workday ended mostly as per routine, but I was a little surprised at the slightly overcast sky that greeted me as I got out of the building.  Definitely much more preferable to the usual scorching heat plus humidity, and with the dark clouds over in the direction of Cavite, it meant that rain might have been in the cards.  Sadly for the rain it didn’t quite materialize, at least in my area, but hey, any shade is much preferable than being under the summer sun.

And that’s pretty much it really.  Not exactly the most exciting day for anyone, ahaha.


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