Quite A Different Start

May 31, 2012

I woke up today to pain.  Literally.  Barely moments after I opened my eyes, my right leg experienced a really painful cramp, making it so that my toes faced outwards for several long moments.  After pushing it against the head of my bed (and the wall behind it) I was finally able to get the muscles to relax somewhat, though there was still a part of it that felt like a tight and hard knot.  That spot felt painful to the touch, and made it hard to walk properly.

The aftermath of the cramp lingered all through my time at work today, which made it awkward going to and from the toilet to say the least.  Still since I was sitting down through most of the shift, it wasn’t that much of a bother.  Really I had better things to worry about in the office like, oh, the fact that my supervisor was looking for a written explanation from me on why I broke protocol the other day.  Like clockwork, really.

It started raining by the time I got out of the office, but it really started to come down by the time I was close to home.  I had no choice but to wait out the downpour at a close-by mall, where I took advantage of the fact to have a massage, and give proper attention to the still-sensitive knot of muscle on my leg.  Let me tell you, it felt good, though I think maybe a night’s worth of sleep will help push the recovery along.

When the massage session was done, I started on my way again home.  On the plus side, it was barely raining anymore after I got out of the mall.  On the downside, apparently many of the streets on the way to our house were flooded from to ankle-depth and higher.  Mmph.  After a massage, there was no way I was going to wade through dirty flood water.  

I had to call home, and ask my cousin to bring a pair of rubber boots, which she did so in short order.  Thanks to her, I was finally able to get home, though I felt that it wasn’t a complete success, as the inside of the boots was wet too.  Ah well…


Colored By Surprise

May 30, 2012

Despite my misgivings yesterday, today’s shift wasn’t as apocalyptic as I expected it to be, especially when one considered the fact that it was the day after Memorial weekend.  Apparently since Workforce was anticipating a flood of calls (for a change), they offered up several slots worth of overtime for the day, which obviously many of my office-mates took advantage of.  As a result for most of the morning it seemed like we were over-staffed, which meant that there was a substantial avail time (we’re talking about ten to twenty-minutes) in between calls.  

That’s… kind of surprising, for the midweek.

This continued until at least around eleven or so, which was when all those people taking overtime started to log off.  After that the queue seemed to gradually return to what I’d expect it to be on a Wednesday, which is to say that there were spikes in call numbers intersped with periods of calm.  Frankly I’d rather have more of the latter, but with only two of us juggling the call queue on the merchant side of things, the former is more of the status quo.

Anyway this pretty much mean that I wasn’t stressed out when I got out, which was good since it meant that I had enough energy to go drop by the gym again.  Which I did, as I vowed yesterday.

Now all I have to do before I turn in for the night is set up the usual downloads before bed.  

Comparatively Less Disastrous

May 29, 2012

Ah, yet another tiring day at work.  Okay, it’s kind of expected, given that it’s a Tuesday shift, but today seemed to be just a continuation of the previous two day’s call queue hell.  Too many calls, and not too many people on the lines receiving them, especially since there was yet another reshuffling of agents involved.  Must have been connected to the shift bid yet again, which why I’m learning to dislike the term more and more.  

Seriously, if they’re going to shuffle people, transfer at least two to the closing shift.  There should be more than one person who’d like to go to work during the day like a normal person, right?

Ugh.  As expected, I was exhausted by the end of it all, and could not wait to jump into bed for the afternoon.  This meant that I missed yet another day at the gym, and I wasn’t able to visit DLSU for that form I mentioned yesterday either, but from the moment I got home, all I could think of was going to sleep, so I can just forget the shift I’d just slogged through. 

Yeah, this pretty much ensures that I head to the gym tomorrow though.  It’s kind of a waste if I don’t do three to four sessions per week.  I did do fifteen minutes of dumbbell exercise, but it’s obviously not going to equal to an hour’s worth of running on the machines.

Even after the later-afternoon nap, I’m still feeling the after-effects of the shift, which means I’m not really in the mood for anything right now.  Might as well just set up tonight’s download queue, then lie down again and call it a night.

Bad Starts

May 28, 2012


Well, that was a relatively sucky start to the week. Which is to say that my shift today was anything but relaxing. It was almost queuing until I got out in the afternoon, something that was exacerbated by the fact that the other agent supposed to be on the last shift with me left early, apparently because she wasn’t feeling well. So for the last two-odd hours I was on my lonesome, with only the team coach for company. It was not nice, let me tell you.

It was so bad that I actually broke protocol to shorten my calls, and get trim down the queue quickly… Which backfired spectacularly, since it so happened that the aforementioned team coach was auditing calls during the shift, and one of those off-protocol calls was picked up. Ugh. A reprimand is the least of what I can get for that, so I’m prepared for the worst tomorrow.

Even though I was stressed out of my mind, I didn’t go straight home, but headed for the DLSU main campus so I can pick up my certificate of academic completion. With it in hand, I can confirm that, yes, I’ve completed all my required academic units, and now only have to worry about the comprehensive examination… Which still has several steps that I need to finish before I can even check whether or not I’m eligible for.

One of those steps was another form to fill out, by the way, but the academic assistant at the MAL faculty room wasn’t around, which meant that the drawer that held the said form was locked shut. Ah well, I’ll just drop by tomorrow again, and hopefully I can catch her.

Since I was stressed out, I didn’t go to the gym this afternoon. I was just as well, as my left knee was acting up again. I had to settle to just lying down this afternoon, and doing some reading on the side.

I really hope that tomorrow’s shift won’t be as bad as today’s, but given my luck it might be wall-to-wall calls again. So I guess it’s off to bed, so I’ll have the energy, not to mention the patience that comes with having a full night’s rest.


Saying It Clearly

May 27, 2012

I’ll be frank: the shift today at work sucked.  

The day was everything that I’ve come to hate about Sunday shifts, which meant it was stressful on top of being exhausting.  While I did get a short (if you can call almost thirty minutes “short”) reprieve near the start of the day, due to being forced to transfer stations thrice due to non-functioning phones, on top of having difficulty logging in, it didn’t really amount much to the sheer amount of calls that came flooding in, that once I went on active never really stopped.  Seriously, we were queuing until it was almost one in the afternoon.  Not fun at all.

By all rights I should have gone straight home and jumped into bed at the earliest opportunity.  But I didn’t.  Instead I got on the MRT and rode the train up to Ortigas, because I wanted to see if I could find the Asurmen Blue equivalent at the Neutral Grounds store at the Galleria.  Imagine to my surprise when I found that the store… wasn’t there anymore.  Huh.  

I wandered a round for a bit trying to see if I could stumble upon it (stupid Robinsons and not having a convenient mall map), but it was no good.  Oh well, it was off to my second option, the branch located at Greenhills, which was convenient to me too, as I wanted to see if one of the technicians there could salvage my poor iPod classic.

I managed to snag myself a pot of blue wash (now apparently called Drakenhof Nightshade) easily enough, after which it was off to the noisy part of area, where sellers of phones (old and new models) as well as assorted paraphernalia plied their trade.  It was a little off-putting when some of these guys tried to intercept you to bring you to their stalls, but I paid them no mind; instead I was putting more attention on the signs that advertised what kind of services they offered.  Most of them were related to phones, so I quickly walked past those, but eventually I was able to find a stall that also serviced iPods.

The tech on duty tried to reset the thing back to its factory settings, but after to tries it was still a no-go.  If there was something wrong with it, it was with its hard-drive.  Unlike the good folks at the official Apple store, who quickly tried to foist upon me a newer iPod, the technicians offered to have the hard drive replaced, though the price for the replacement part was relatively steep: three thousand five-hundred pesos, all told, money that I really can’t afford to spend right now.  

Oh well, at least it’s a relatively more cheaper option than the “official” solution, but it’s still steep.  I might have to wait for my next payday before I can have the iPod fixed.  Until then, I guess I’ll just have to make do with my phone’s music player function for now, though given the default 2G card there’s not much I could save in it (and certainly not any videos!).  Hmm, having the iPod fixed as well as getting a memory card with a larger capacity.  Definitely will have to set aside funds for that.

Funds… With the bills finally coming in, might not have much of that for a while.  And to think, my salary already increased too…

Skylines And Washes

May 26, 2012

Today was another laid-back weekend, but that I can probably blame on the fact that I woke up relatively late in the morning again (around ten in fact).  This, despite setting my phone’s alarm to wake me up at eight.  It did it’s job alright, but since I turned in after one in the morning, I just turned the blasted thing off and settled myself into the comfort of my pillows again.  Pretty normal for me, really, especially since it was a weekend.  Sleeping in late is to be expected, darn it.

I spent the rest of the day busying myself with assorted make-do work, most of it connected to my newly-purchased Samsung Ace phone.  I wanted to install a few apps for it (a media player, a twitter client, and a mahjong game, in that order), but I soon found out that while my PC can see the phone in the hardware list, nothing else could (aside from the Kies program that came with the phone’s pack).  This led to some poking around on Twitter, followed by looking up leads my various contacts suggested, which included some labyrinthine processes that included downloading Android SDK tools, ADB, and configuring my LAN so that it could see and exchange details with my phone.

All that work, and it still didn’t allow me to install the apps that I wanted (since, you know, Google Marketplace can’t see the phone using my DSL connection).  

I was this close to throwing in the towel, when my sister finally arrived from her work.  Since I remembered that she had a WiFi router (Globe Tattoo, to be exact), I asked her to have it turned on so I can just active my phone’s WiFi function and use its connection to get the stuff I wanted.  Things pretty much resolved themselves after that, and I was able to get what I wanted (MX Player and its codecs, Tweetdeck for mobile, and a Saki mahjong emulator, in that order). I’m content with just those for now, really.

The rest of my afternoon was spent painstakingly adding details to the buildings that serve as the background of the little stampede of Magical Girls I’ve been laboring on for so long.  After a few hours of this, I noted that it wasn’t that hot anymore outside, so it was off I went to drop by the Neutral Grounds branch at Glorietta, to pick up a pot of Baal Red and Asurmen Blue washes.  While I didn’t need to use them now now, I thought it was better to prepare just in case I needed them for shading.

Wouldn’t you know it though?  It turns out that the store had phased out the old set of paints and washes, and instead was selling the new “expanded” paint set, with its new names and features (like the newfangled glazes).  After a bit of cross-referencing by the helpful saleslady at the counter, I was able to get the closest equivalent to Baal Red (a shade labeled Carroburg Crimson), but sadly the same could not be said for Asurmen Blue’s replacement.  Oh well, one out of two isn’t so bad.

There were two games going on at the store at that point (one between Chaos Daemons and Imperial Fists, the other between Black Templars and Space Wolves), and I was tempted to watch, but I decided against it.  I did linger a bit to see if they had a razorback for sale, but since I noted that they didn’t have one extra, I just left with the pot of shade I was able to purchase.  It’s a good thing too, as I might have bought that Space Marine Commander box had I stayed any longer…

And that’s pretty much it.  I added some more to the skyline, then did fifteen minutes worth of dumbbell-based lifting exercises, prior to writing this entry.  I figure I can squeeze some anime watching, but just enough to make me sleepy.


May 25, 2012


Just a few words to what I’ve been messing around with since I woke up today, and of which I’m nowhere even finished… See those buildings in the background?  Yeah, those that are just outlines right now?  They take anywhere from an hour to two hours or more of work.  I know, I know, I’m putting too much focus on something that’s just going to serve as background, but it’s really hard putting in all those little details that make a building something that doesn’t look merely like a tall block.

Yeah, I can obsess about the strangest of things sometimes when I’m doing fanwork.  What else is new?

Suffice to say that trying to do each building in the skyline one at a time has been… time-consuming to say the least.  Oh well, I don’t have classes tomorrow, so maybe I can get more things done.

Like the trees.  Because they’re going to be added eventually, right?  Right?

On other news… So it’s my payday today.  With my rate increase, I was expecting a bigger payoff when I went to the bank teller around lunchtime today.  Sadly, that wasn’t to be, as out of the eight thousand-and-one-hundred (without taxes and contributions deducted yet) I was expecting, I was only able to get five thousand six-hundred.  Given that I haven’t been late or absent during the cutoff period, that means that that’s a lot of deductions from both taxes as well as for Pag-Ibig, SSS, and God-knows what other stuff.  Bummer.

Oh well, the deductions were expected (since they usually do come at the end of the month), it’s just that I didn’t think that they’d be this big this quick.  Mmph.  With the end-of-the-month bills coming in, it’s going to be tight until the next payday, for sure.