Quite A Different Start

I woke up today to pain.  Literally.  Barely moments after I opened my eyes, my right leg experienced a really painful cramp, making it so that my toes faced outwards for several long moments.  After pushing it against the head of my bed (and the wall behind it) I was finally able to get the … Continue reading Quite A Different Start

Colored By Surprise

Despite my misgivings yesterday, today's shift wasn't as apocalyptic as I expected it to be, especially when one considered the fact that it was the day after Memorial weekend.  Apparently since Workforce was anticipating a flood of calls (for a change), they offered up several slots worth of overtime for the day, which obviously many … Continue reading Colored By Surprise

Comparatively Less Disastrous

Ah, yet another tiring day at work.  Okay, it's kind of expected, given that it's a Tuesday shift, but today seemed to be just a continuation of the previous two day's call queue hell.  Too many calls, and not too many people on the lines receiving them, especially since there was yet another reshuffling of … Continue reading Comparatively Less Disastrous

Saying It Clearly

I'll be frank: the shift today at work sucked.   The day was everything that I've come to hate about Sunday shifts, which meant it was stressful on top of being exhausting.  While I did get a short (if you can call almost thirty minutes "short") reprieve near the start of the day, due to … Continue reading Saying It Clearly

Skylines And Washes

Today was another laid-back weekend, but that I can probably blame on the fact that I woke up relatively late in the morning again (around ten in fact).  This, despite setting my phone's alarm to wake me up at eight.  It did it's job alright, but since I turned in after one in the morning, … Continue reading Skylines And Washes


  Just a few words to what I've been messing around with since I woke up today, and of which I'm nowhere even finished... See those buildings in the background?  Yeah, those that are just outlines right now?  They take anywhere from an hour to two hours or more of work.  I know, I know, … Continue reading Half-Done