Of Hedgerows and Skylines

It's funny how, despite not really planning to do so, I woke up pretty early today, even before my phone's alarm went off at its scheduled time.  I could have sworn that I heard my sister talking (about how I was supposed to have classes today), but regardless of the reason I was out of … Continue reading Of Hedgerows and Skylines


Well, I woke up late on the weekend as usual, which meant that whatever plans I had started up at least eight hours.  Funny thing too, as I set my alarm for eight, and I distinctly remember actually sitting up to check my cellphone.  I guess I just killed the alarm, like anyone starved for … Continue reading Semi-Productive

Another Cool Weekender

The shift today was similar enough to yesterday's shift that I'll just skip on it.  The only real difference was the overcast skies once I got off work, which meant that it was going to rain, but thankfully it didn't really start raining until this evening.  Speaking of which,  it's raining right now as I … Continue reading Another Cool Weekender

No Peak For The Week

Apparently the new batch of CS agents hit the floor as scheduled, but the only change I could see when I arrived at the office this morning was how there seemed to be an extra team sitting now where there used to be a row of unoccupied work stations.  Still, their arrival did have an … Continue reading No Peak For The Week

New Paradigm Shifts

Surprise!  Despite it being a Tuesday shift (meaning it's Monday evening in the US, usually one of the heaviest call days in the week), I wasn't stressed out in the least at the end of it.  I guess this was because for its entire duration I was just taking in merchant and membership calls.  Not … Continue reading New Paradigm Shifts

The Calm Before The Week Truly Begins

It was a slow Monday shift for a change, in that there were actually more than just two people taking in calls by the time my workday ended.  Coupled with the fact that since my profile sharee was on duty as well, I was limited to taking in membership application calls yet again, it made … Continue reading The Calm Before The Week Truly Begins

Pasta Sundays

Today's shift at work went better than expected, but that's what happens when you get yet another full floor filled with people taking in calls.  Add to this the fact that all cross-trained personnel (meaning myself and a few of my batch-mates) were taken off the CS queue, then you have the setting for another … Continue reading Pasta Sundays