Rainy Day Payment Day

As expected, it was raining once again this morning, but it wasn't bad enough that I had to bring an umbrella again.  Barely a light shower actually, though the sky was a little darker than usual, I have to admit.  Got to work without much incident, but the rest of my shift was anything but … Continue reading Rainy Day Payment Day

Slacking Into The New Week, Fuwa-Fuwa Style

As predicted it was raining for much of the day, to the point where  actually had to bring an umbrella to work again for a change.  On the plus side, it wasn't too windy, and it didn't flood in our neighborhood, so the only hassle I had to contend with was the muddy streets, and … Continue reading Slacking Into The New Week, Fuwa-Fuwa Style

Rainy And Wild

Ah, I have to say, today's shift hearkened back to the time where I was either alone, or part of a trio taking calls during the weekend.  Why so?  Because not only did the calls came in quickly, the low agent count (at least as far as merchant solutions was concerned) meant that the queue … Continue reading Rainy And Wild

Nothing Comes To Mind

And really, that's how I feel tonight.  It's hard to talk about one's day when the most noteworthy part of it was the fact that... I woke up close to lunch time yet again.  But given who I am, that's pretty common now, isn't it? Since I already watched the Dark Knight last night, I … Continue reading Nothing Comes To Mind

My Day Was A-Okay

Although things didn't start exactly as I wanted -- due to some late-night/early morning uploading of pictures unto danbooru, I woke up at around ten instead of at five -- my birthday went more or less without a hitch.  Tatay had apparently bought the pork barbecue skewers as expected, and by the time I went … Continue reading My Day Was A-Okay

Another Year Of Small Blessings

Today's shift at work was largely unremarkable and mostly unexciting.  The only thing of note was that I had to take a process exam, which instead of being a quarterly thing is now (for some reason) done monthly.  Oh well, got ten out of ten, so that's one thing scratched off my worry list. As … Continue reading Another Year Of Small Blessings