Nothing To Do, Yet All Is Well

As promised, I went out this afternoon to pay off some of the bills that came in over the past week.  Specifically, the combination phone and internet bill, and two credit card bills -- one mine, the other also mine but as a secondary card holder under my sister's name.  As a result though, I'm … Continue reading Nothing To Do, Yet All Is Well


A Good Enough Capper To The Week

Today didn't start exactly as planned.  Although I was able to get to the MRT station in time, I wasn't able to actually get into the station as quickly as I'd liked.  You see, the stairs heading into the station was filled to the brim with people, with one crowd trying to push upwards, and … Continue reading A Good Enough Capper To The Week

Not-So Overcast Midweek

It was a little dark outside this morning, to the point where I thought it would be raining again.  And it did rain (in fact it's raining outside right now, and it's already well past nine in the evening), but not during the morning hours, which meant that I managed to get to the office … Continue reading Not-So Overcast Midweek

Just A Little Unfounded

Although only two of us were on call duty for the last shift of the day, it wasn't as bad as I expected.  For a Tuesday I mean.  The calls were well-distributed enough, and there was only a single spike in the call queue for the day that I noticed.  That's not to say that … Continue reading Just A Little Unfounded

Welcomed Slow Day

Today pretty much fulfilled my expectations of the type of Monday shift I'd like, which is to say slow and more than a little casual.  With the queue already languid as it is (given how it's still a Sunday evening in the US), it became positively relaxed with the full complement of four people for … Continue reading Welcomed Slow Day

A Taste Of The Usual

Though I expected that today's shift would be stressful (this being a Sunday after all), I wasn't prepared for the deluge of calls I had to take in today.  Really, it hearkened back to those days when I was just flying more or less solo during Sundays... Which was almost exactly what happened today.  Instead of the … Continue reading A Taste Of The Usual

The Opposite Of Busy

  Another weekend, another day spent doing nothing really.  Aside from playing some games on the desktop, I was still trying to go through Don Quixote, which was surprisingly hard.  Even with the translated version I'm reading (I'm using Starkie's), it's difficult to read the chapters in one go, given how it's wall-to-wall blocks of … Continue reading The Opposite Of Busy