The Usual Weekend Expectations

I have to say, the first two hours of my shift sucked.  Seriously.  I logged in, and it was queuing all the way up to around nine thirty.  It was just backed up that bad.  Even with the addition of two more people at around eight, it was barely enough to keep calls from overwhelming … Continue reading The Usual Weekend Expectations

Wrong Type Of Reading Material

I will admit to spending most of my day reading.  However, it wasn't the review material that I was supposed to read.  Ah, so weak-willed.  I wasn't even able to finish Old Man and the Sea, or Death of a Salesman. Ah, darn it.  I suck at concentrating at any kind of academic reading.  And … Continue reading Wrong Type Of Reading Material

Critical Hit (To My Savings)

It's close to the end of the month again, which means it's time once more for my savings to take a dive as I pay off some of our household's bills, as well as some credit card charges.  In this case, it's for the combined phone line and internet bill, water bill, and topped off … Continue reading Critical Hit (To My Savings)

Delayed Routines

Boy, am I tired.  Not in the "tired because I lack sleep" way, but "tired because I just finished doing fifteen minutes worth of dumbbell exercise" way.  I wasn't able to go to the gym today, you see, since I opted to just take a nap and recoup some of the sleep I lost over … Continue reading Delayed Routines

Passing the Midweek By

I was a little worried that we'd be in more than a bit of rain today, so as a precaution I took my umbrella with me to work today.  Not that it mattered much though, as it was as sunny (and as hot) as it comes.  Indeed it's only started to rain now (like, it's … Continue reading Passing the Midweek By

Temporary Monetary Respite

Ah, if anyone was wondering why I wasn't able to make an entry yesterday, let's just say that I had to go somewhere that took a good chunk of the afternoon and most of the evening as well.  Just had something to do, is all. Anyway, I was afraid that today was going to shape … Continue reading Temporary Monetary Respite

Didn’t Feel That Bad

Another Sunday, another long day at the office that I survived.  The queue was heavy as usual, but since we had a full complement, it didn't really feel that way.  I mean, the fact that I was able to browse stuff on the side was evidence enough that things weren't that bad. Now if only … Continue reading Didn’t Feel That Bad

Making Up For Yesterday’s Failure

As frustrating as yesterday turned out to be (for not actually accomplishing anything of note with the time, that is), today was by comparison much better.  This, despite the fact that I actually had a bit of a false start today, as while I woke up early (eight thirty in fact), I took one look … Continue reading Making Up For Yesterday’s Failure

All Under Consideration

It's the end of my workweek again, and it's time once again to wonder what to do with my two days off, and whether or not I can accomplish those goals.  And since my savings is once again in danger, this means that anything even remotely related to leaving the house isn't included. So what … Continue reading All Under Consideration