The Usual Weekend Expectations

September 30, 2012

I have to say, the first two hours of my shift sucked.  Seriously.  I logged in, and it was queuing all the way up to around nine thirty.  It was just backed up that bad.  Even with the addition of two more people at around eight, it was barely enough to keep calls from overwhelming us.

Past that time though, things pretty much more or less eased up.  Couldn’t really relax though, especially since the CC team sharing the other side of the cubicles with us seemed to be dead-set in having ALL of the A/C vents going on at full blast.  Honestly, it was freezing, and at around ten or so I just about had it, and turned off all but two.  Seriously, what do they think our office is, an igloo?

That little wrinkle aside, there isn’t much to share about my day at work.  Pretty much routine, though I did end up walking to the MRT station again rather than riding a jeepney.

Oh, we had pasta again for merienda/dinner, though as usual instead of spaghetti noodles, my sister opted for angel-hair noodles instead.  That points to nanay sending far too much of those again with the last delivery.  Huh, I could have sworn that the box didn’t have any kind of pasta in it…

So, another slow day tomorrow I hope.  Maybe I can put it to good use, but it’s likely that I’ll just use most of it to nap.


Wrong Type Of Reading Material

September 29, 2012

I will admit to spending most of my day reading.  However, it wasn’t the review material that I was supposed to read.  Ah, so weak-willed.  I wasn’t even able to finish Old Man and the Sea, or Death of a Salesman.

Ah, darn it.  I suck at concentrating at any kind of academic reading.  And to think I skipped out going to DLSU too.  Tsk.




Critical Hit (To My Savings)

September 28, 2012

It’s close to the end of the month again, which means it’s time once more for my savings to take a dive as I pay off some of our household’s bills, as well as some credit card charges.  In this case, it’s for the combined phone line and internet bill, water bill, and topped off by credit card charges, one for my VISA card, and the other for the charges I made on my sister’s account, where I’m a secondary card holder.  

It took me less than an hour to pay off, in full (the utility bills) or in part (the credit card bills), but in that short period I had to say goodbye to pretty much two-thirds of my existing savings.  Ugh, this means it’s back to trying to make what’s left last until my next payday, at which the cycle repeats.  Vicious, if I quite say so myself.

Tomorrow is another weekend.  I’d really like to get some reading in, but I’m liable to get distracted again.  Sure hope not… Maybe I’ll just go to school, and follow up on the comprehensive exam schedule, if there is indeed one this term.  

That aside, you’d think with all this reading I’d actually be getting inspiration for my own work (or heck, writing style), but so far instead of getting inspired I’m getting intimidated.  Ugh.

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day.  I’ll just see what it brings, and work from there.




Delayed Routines

September 27, 2012

Boy, am I tired.  Not in the “tired because I lack sleep” way, but “tired because I just finished doing fifteen minutes worth of dumbbell exercise” way.  I wasn’t able to go to the gym today, you see, since I opted to just take a nap and recoup some of the sleep I lost over the course of the week, so I had to offset it somewhat with some do-it-yourself routine.  I don’t believe that it’ll make up it though, but I’m comforted a little by the fact that I’ve built a bit of sweat in the process.

Aside from that, was able to invest some time in basecoloring the buildings that serve as the background to my mob of running magical girls.  My, it’s been a while since I touched that project.  Kind of became busy, and what with the comprehensive exams coming up again, I’m not sure if I’d be able to touch it again anytime soon.

Anyway, that aside, tomorrow’s bill payment time.  That means the reprieve my savings had been given has ended.  Oh well, it was nice to have money in the bank for at least a week, before having to worry about how quickly my next payday comes again.




Passing the Midweek By

September 26, 2012

I was a little worried that we’d be in more than a bit of rain today, so as a precaution I took my umbrella with me to work today.  Not that it mattered much though, as it was as sunny (and as hot) as it comes.  Indeed it’s only started to rain now (like, it’s past ten in the evening as I’m writing this).  So much for the super typhoon causing problems here at the capital.  I’m sure it’s a different matter around Quezon province, of course, but I’m thinking that aside from the random thunderstorm I won’t have to worry as much about getting rained in.

Aside from that though, today was as mundane a midweek as they come.  Work and my afternoon gym visit were pretty much routine, but I suppose the highlight of my day was when I finally finished downloading the Tari-Tari  OST ~ Utattari Kanadetari.  Been looking forward to it since it was announced last month or so, and I haven’t been disappointed, especially with the choral version of Reflectia, which for those who don’t know was the opening song to True Tears, another PA-Works production.

Ah, just listening to it brought back a lot of memories.  So much fervor and passion… I guess those old wounds still ache, after all.

This isn’t to say that the rest of the OST isn’t amazing (it is), it’s just that for many old hands like myself, Reflectia was the main draw.  Wasn’t disappointed in the least.




Temporary Monetary Respite

September 25, 2012

Ah, if anyone was wondering why I wasn’t able to make an entry yesterday, let’s just say that I had to go somewhere that took a good chunk of the afternoon and most of the evening as well.  Just had something to do, is all.

Anyway, I was afraid that today was going to shape up into my usual Tuesday shift, and with the news of the super-typhoon heading into the country, a wet one as well.  As a precaution I took an umbrella with me, but by all accounts it stayed sunny for most of the day.  Boy, was I thankful for that.  As for the shift itself, ah, nothing really of note happened, though there was some troubling rumors about our company accepting a Sprint account.  Ugh, that doesn’t really sound too good, and given my experience with Sprint (for those who don’t remember, the first BPO company I worked for had a Sprint account) I hope it isn’t true.

By the way, it’s payday today, but there was a bit of a scare with that one as well, since initially news about Accounting not being able to forward the funds in time meant that we were going to get our salaries in the afternoon rather than, you know, in the morning.  Thankfully this wasn’t the case, and by nine in the morning, the BDO ATM downstairs had money for us to withdraw.

Needless to say, I made it a point to immediately pass by the bank before heading home, to deposit the money in my account.  Whew.  It’ll stay there until Friday, which is the day I have to pay some of the bills I’m responsible for.  Easy come, easy go, as they say.

We’re going to be down one person tomorrow, so I hope that doesn’t make it too hard on us again, queue-wise… Though knowing my luck, it may as well be.




Didn’t Feel That Bad

September 23, 2012

Another Sunday, another long day at the office that I survived.  The queue was heavy as usual, but since we had a full complement, it didn’t really feel that way.  I mean, the fact that I was able to browse stuff on the side was evidence enough that things weren’t that bad.

Now if only I could do something about the air conditioning.  I swear, people seem to just love cranking the temperature down despite the fact that they already have five adjacent vents going full blast.  Heck, I get chilled by having just a single one open, and whats more said vent is on the other side of the floor.

Ugh. Well, at least I was able to get a good nap during my lunchbreak to make up for staying up late.

So, what’s the plan for tomorrow?  Make the most of the huge (I hope) avail times, as usual.

P.S. Spend some of the afternoon in the Ayala area again, though I wasn’t able to bring a book with me as planned.  It’s just as well, since it was raining a bit, so I wouldn’t have been able to read outside anyway.  And with a concert going on in Glorietta, well, I wouldn’t be able to get any reading done there either.